Meaning of seeing 666 a lot.

  • Yesterday I kept seeing the numbers 666.. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing overall.. I'm not really that superstitious, yet I haven't been getting a very good feeling from this at all..

  • Spooky. Seeing 666 a lot certainly can't be a good thing. I'd be concerned if this keeps up. Not sure if this is your thing, but I use the folks at Most Gifted Psychics ( for some of my numerology issues, and they've been spot-on. I was seeing the number 14 alot. I acted upon it (upon their advice), and it did turn out to be good fortune for me. With you, 666 can't be good, so I'd be asking why you're seeing it so much, and why it's coming into your life right now?

  • I will look into that.. thank you for replying!!

  • I wrote an article on this subject - but not 666 in particular - some time ago. Find it at

    With 666 the focus is an impending completion/finality of some issue or stage in your life and the need to let go. Since the number 6 is so prominent, I would suggest that it has something to do with friends or family – someone (or more than one) you are close to.

    It probably has nothing to do with the biblical meaning nor is it per se a bad thing. Change is the only constant in your life and this just indicates that a rather big change is in progress but you may not yet have come to realize the what and why and who.

  • If 666 keeps coming into your life , it's good. You are going to move forward double treble creativity. Moving forward in a good way.

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