Requesting guidance

  • I have been in an unhappy marriage for a while. In recent months there were signs that the relationship was healing but now its back to a toxic association. My child wants me to stay on and ironically so does my husband but I am at my wits end about how to deal with this situation. Should I leave? And if that's not possible how best should I survive such draining of my energy?

    Thanks to anyone who can read for me and foresee any possibilities in my future.

  • Hello Suramya,

    This is such a difficult situation. My heart goes out to you. Just a suggestion but would counseling be an option for you alone or with husband. If you do decide on it then please ask around for a very good one because that could make a big difference.

  • Thanks Znl. Appreciate your response and empathy. I have asked him to come with me for counselling many times but he has refused.

  • Ultimately Suramy it is up to you. ask yourself can you continue being in a toxic relationship? ( This will effect your child and remember your child is just as afraid of the unknown as you are)

    When you decide to leave make sure you have started a fund to prepare for your leaving do not tell any one about your emergency fund (that came to late when I left my toxic marriage my ex wiped me out financially)

    Pick a deadline and try to stick with it (you are building your future & your child's) remember what you are going thru so is your child so when the time comes talk with her/him let the child speak & listen to her/him and reassure that it will work out.

    As for your husband tell him the reasons you are leaving (after you have your plan in place & are ready to move forward to the next chapter in your life) Do not be drawn into his excuses and he will probably have a lot of them. He will try and guilt trip you into staying do not fall for it they rarely if ever change)

    It is never easy but for the sake of your sanity and health also that of you child start a plan and work towards it. (this will also help your self esteem that you are working towards a better life for you & your child)

    remember we are hear for you if you need us

    many blessings to you and your child

  • Thank you very much Shadowmist for your advice, support and blessings. Starting a new saving fund is something I will get to at once. My child knows about the situation as I have started preparing him for this eventuality. He supports and understands but he is scared of his father and knows how difficult he will make this separation.

    Somehow, whenever I've asked for psychic guidance or messages from my guides I have been told to wait as some more lessons need to unfold for me and my spouse before I reach that "cross".It seems this relationship is karmic and he has something to deal with before we part ways or before he changes, if he ever does. Just want to be sure I take the right step because it will be difficult with lot of turmoil and mess.

    Thanks and God bless

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