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  • Hi there,

    Just needing some advice on my living situation. I am living with a Scottish girl she is 31 we are flatmates/room mates. She is quite an agressive person. She doesn't clean up etc and I'm finding it quite uncomfortable living with her and would prefer she would move on. However she has lost her job and is hoping to find another one. I don't feel like adding to that stress for her about making her move, but I'm needing a peaceful environment as have had a lot of sad things happen in the last 6 months. Can anyone tell me if she will go or do I have to make her move?

    Thanks for any advice 🙂

    Info if needed my DOB 2 Aug 1973

  • Lane1973 she will not go on her own. You can either confront her gently about pulling her share or just tell her to she has to move. Give her a deadline to move out by. Be firm but gentle.

  • Thanks Shadowmist

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