Childish crush

  • Alright. I have a stupid school-girl-type crush on a friend of a friend. I'm fairly sure the guy didn't like me much when we met via FB, and am certain he doesn't remember I'm alive. He's a musician who writes wonderful music, a very creative person. The problem is, I can't get him out of my head. It's been months since we've had any contact at all, but his voice and face seem to just drag on my mind. Honestly, what little I saw of his personality, I didn't much like, either, but for some reason I just can't let go of the crush. What's going on, and why can't I get rid of this obsession? I'm usually very level headed, and this is driving me bug-nuts!

  • On some level, you want to be like him. We are often attracted to people whom we admire and envy. Could it be you want to express yourself more creatively like him?

  • I see what you mean about creativity. I am already a very creative person, in my own right, though I don't harbor any illusions about my singing, LOL. I do admire what he's doing, but my own talents run to the plastic arts and to prose writing rather than to music. Creative self-expression and intellectual exercise comprise a large part of what I do for a living, as well as painting and gardening at home for my own enjoyment.

    In at least one way, we are a lot alike. Both of us are starting over in new careers at mid-life, returning to our dreams from when we were young, trying to follow our hearts. I'm at a point where I'm able to support myself 100% doing what I love. I suppose I am a little frustrated with him, since I know it can be done and, through things our mutual friend has said and not said, I suspect that he's become discouraged.

    Eh, I don't know. It's none of my business, anyway. I just wish I could get him off my mind. Thanks, Captain.

  • Maybe you feel nobody around you loves you enough or understands your creativity and you think this guy might give you the support you are not getting from family or friends? He is sort of 'you' in your ideal way. Maybe you are trying to get ready for a big commercial leap with your artwork?

  • Actually, I feel better this morning having just gotten my frustration off of my chest.

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