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    I have a job dealing with the public in a beautiful store. People always ask, is this your store? You look like it is... Dunno now if thats cz I'm old or cuz of my curly hippy hair. Any who, what you guys take on MY OPENING UP A STORE OF MY OWN? I have always wanted one. I have an online Biz, but I love interacting with nice women and having a store has been a dream for ever, for me. It's expen$ive! 3k a month. I am ( today) on paper,well, without sounding negative, not in a position to do this.. Today! Maybe tomorrow! Haha law of attraction, btw today I said 10 x in mirror I am worth making $600 a day, and this real eate broker comes in my day job ( the store I work ar now) and says she has this space for 3k a month! I want a store so much and I want to have my art, beautiful sheets, clothes from my fav designers, just pretty things... But it is so darn $$- y... Thoughts !?



  • Do you have any business knowledge in your background or have you done a course in small business management or economics? You would need this knowledge to create and successfully run your own store. The creative side is only one part of being self-employed.

  • You have such good advice by TheCaptain. Sometimes, local chamber of commerce and also "small business administration" office will do research, feasibility study, business and financial planning for individuals who want to start a small business.

  • Thank you !!! Great advice.. 🙂

  • You guys just found a small business online class! So excited! Thanks for the jump start captian !

  • Fantastic!

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  • I work in business admin part time now and have aided opening or selling a business. I never spent money any college course, but have been paid to aid other business owners.

    What i learned is that, informational interviews, business conventions, basic admin work experience and getting all the facts about the laws within your jurisdiction/federal is what really is needed.

    With this you will create alliances and networks of people who are business owners themselves.

  • To clarify, 'never set completed business admin curriculum'. Although, I have taken 3 business course, they were irrelevant to the reality and what knowledge is going to be useful, needed and practical, in respects to having and effect. Spending money on these courses, will reduce your capital and may reduce your debt to credit ratio balance in a manner that is less favorable.

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  • Have you managed to realize your dream? I have opened a small coffee shop in the UK, https://postcodefinder.net/. And it was great. I cannot say things were so easy, I had to pay high taxes. There were good times and bad times, but I managed to maintain it for a couple of years. But this year has killed it all. I do hope I will be able to reopen, but nothing is clear yet.

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