Tarot help on whether or not he's thinking about coming back?

  • Hi everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone could give me a tarot reading on whether or not my ex is thinking about coming back to me? I'm trying to read my own tarot, but keep getting different answers every time I ask for clarifiers...some indicate love, others no...so I'm confused and hoping to get an outside brain. Every time I think of moving on, my gut or my body rejects it...and not in the normal heartbreak way...so this is why I'm inquiring. Maybe to see if I'm just fooling myself or maybe if the universe needs to take a turn for it to happen again... Any help would be SO appreciated.

  • Hi Fivesecondgrace

    Im am sorry but i hear if he was coming back he´d long be back with you. Thats for this time for now. Spirits can also get it wrong. haahaha

    However i know of the feeling gut body denies it is not over yet. unfinished business.

    I sense he is working on himself, cleaning out old luggage and more. He knows you 2 aint a done thing. Time will tell whether he´ll come back and say i really want us to try again, that time frame is hazy all i get here is a fog.

    i suggest for now to do as i do, work on urself, work ur job, in spare time get busy with ur hobbies n creativity. take up a class if thats what it takes. just bc u need to wait his next move doenst mean ur must sey ur own life on hold.

    Tarot readings are of the moment you lay them. they change each time. the more right after another you lay them the more befuiddled mudy murky and misunderstanding they get.

    So next time u lay a spread for you dont do it over n over after one another, do it once n let the meaning sink in. as u mentioned best not to self read it u can.

    lastly dont forget free will. we may want this wish this but that doesnt mean he wants it let alone wishes it.

    so hon, time will tell so in meantims get busy with urself n ur creative side.



  • Thank you charmed.

    He definitely needs to do some work and I told him that I needed to do things in my life and maybe that's what was holding us back...you're right though, must get busy with myself and not put my life on hold. I figured if he would be back, he would be. He's that type of guy.

    Can I ask you something unrelated? What do the spirits say about a writing residency that I'm interviewing for at the end of the month?

  • Hi again

    writing residency? they look content like its a good idea. i say if u love to write give it ur all. what have u to loose?

    wish u loads of luck


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