Psychic Reading Please Thank You

  • You are right about Karmic ties

    some last, but some only stay long enough to settle up and move on! And we can't change our tastes in men--only our choices. Sometimes being wildly free spirited attracts the same. Passion comes with a price----it rocks our world---or burns down the house. Put your fire into your art. CHARMING ONE!

  • what i mainly struggle with is why is he saying oh ye call me, update me, keepin touch and when i do he hangs up on me? it makes no effing sense.

    as 4 placing it in my art all that i see feel n experience i always do. issue is jusyt when i feel compelled to be artsy work summions my effing hide lol

    charmed who wishes she could see the effing future ................ ah well cest la earthquakes, volcano eruptions n tsunamis in one big blow up lol

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