Psychic Reading Please Thank You

  • Hi

    Charmed here, born march 10 1972 at time of 11.20 pm in Sonderborg Denmark.

    I would love if any would do me a psychic reading on the following topics:








    I am very aware that often we do not get the replies we seek but those we need at this

    time in life, so on record i am open for all i need and not want.

    thank you for your time, energy and good will



  • Hi again

    If you do not feel comfortable with all areas just take those you feel comfortable with and leave the rest hanging.

    thank you


  • BUMP!

  • CharmedWitchBente,

    I’ll pick up on your feelings and hopefully it will let you look at it from a different perspective.

    Your feeling a little stuck…like the blahs

    Your working well with others, dream it and make it happen

    Have you been meditating? it will help with the last card, dream or thoughts will help get you where you want to be

    Relationship wise seems there is a bump in the road…some conflict (you’re not communicating well, for some reason he thinks something is up)

    Recently things have been working out, and you were happy

    But there was mistrust and suspicion, almost like someone else was involved

    You run into a good guy, he is either watching out for you or helps you… good strong personality

    You have been worried about money or job, you will find something but not permanent, it’s there but you go thru it.

    You gain what you need, you make it happen

    And you’re ready to start new, you let the restriction go and that seems to free you

    Use your Intuition and imagination…let that lead your thoughts

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi Nick

    Thank you so much. Detailed questions please.

    A bit blah yeah well typical on n off for a pisces lady hahahahahaha

    you said:

    Relationship wise seems there is a bump in the road…some conflict (you’re not communicating well, for some reason he thinks something is up)

    Can u elaborrate?do u see get the man whom u talk of??

    Ive begun a new job, all likes me n i work my butt off litterary.

    There was a glitz but i think it is sorted now.

    as far as intuition n imagination yeah i need to get back to being creative.

    ahm anything else i need to know?


  • charmedwitchbente,

    the guy was jealous, I don't know if bitter is the right feeling but he was not happy. It felt like your feeling of "But there was mistrust and suspicion, almost like someone else was involved" went together. I say relationship because i felt like were with someone...if it's more than one that would explain the jealously. So if there are two then the first one that is more on your mind is the one upset and the second one would be the one you mistrust.

    Job wise, keep your options open, its not a long term one.

    on the intuition n imagination, work on that; it will help get where you want to be...this was an important one for you. It popped up like 4 times in different aspects

  • Well I can say this much Nick. There was jalousy involved. But not from me nor him. More from the woman he had married n divorced. she just wouldnt let him go even when i long before had said ok good 4 you my friend, if she makes u happy then am i happy for u over all.

    Even divorced she´d not leave him to find me or anyone else. So yes my mind is on the first n i mistrust the ex. what she aint done to sabotage him in all areas. he is my dearest friend n i love him very much. i hate loathe what she has done all in name of whatever. i aint clear on how the minds of skanks works. all i know if i dive inside one i get instantly sick. close to vomiting even.

    job wise yea i know not long term. end in end oct 2013 n may or may not return come march 2014. i pray so. so yea im looking for work that will keep me from oct to march. we´ll see if the boss who hired me holds up his end of the bargain.

    On imagination n intuition i am focussed to it when im off duty. useal in the mornng where i have time to get some of it down. off duty after work im too pooped LOL

    ive errected a blog a few months back. i need to b more active there. shouldnt b the huge problem. I post poetry n short stories n long stories ive written. not edited but written by a dane who langauge aint main english lol

    since no allow link settings its over at thoughts dotty com name member charmedbente. if any wanna see my work. join as it s free n vcomment.


    ps nick anything regards children? im by the way an endomitriosis survivor ( for now any hews)

  • Just from me, let him know what you see, he may not see the choices he makes not only affect him but how they affect you as well. It can take time to detox from that type of person also, because when your in the web you don't realize how bad it just think its normal...mean while its ripping the people around you and you don't know how to get out of the way. recognizing that helps to the road of not being in it any more. but it comes down to his choice to keep himself in that realm. big thing is to communicate so he understands what you see, and how the ripple go forth and touch other areas he may not think does

    Use the quite time to recharge

    funny I can teach myself computer language, read and understand and apply but I can't seem to think in other languages or write in's all Greek...hahahaaha now i understand the sentence structure

    and my strength is picking up feelings, so what I picked up was strongest...i haven't been able to open up to other things yet....i have a blank screen and don't know how to tune it yet...

    hit me in a month and we will see what’s up


  • Writers block, psychic medium getting things for others blocks yes i know of it so well.

    No worries. on n off we need break from helping others. ill speak to u in a months time.

    thank you Nick. You rock!


  • Hey Nick

    I hope this finds u well. ive been out of town on family joyful trip, did me good. just got over a small infection of sorts.

    the man i spoke off has not gone n doen what i thought n assume. what can i say, at time i kill small birds with my canon hahaahahahaahahaahahaha

    anyhews its gone a month now so i hope u have a new insight for me, also if u wish will i try n reciprocate for u.


  • Hi CharmedWitchBente,

    something is conflicting...causing arguments..

    i feel money is just turn around and where did it just go

    ok watch your money...stronger smart

    remember its ok just to be you and enjoy who you are...I’m guessing that goes with what you said you and be happy...even if its with yourself

    yeah you just had some was peaceful

    the guy, I can do this and I can do that....and has a chip on his shoulder...go ahead knock it off...type of guy

    things may get quiet...enjoy the peace...but enjoy can be happy that way, don’t question yourself and get down because of it

    You have been worrying about a guy...i don’t get good vibes from him...stop and look close...take in the whole picture not just the close up of a piece of the picture

    again don't fight yourself...look at who you are and be happy...if your not happy with you...find ways to make it getting the feeling it has to come from within..

    things that are supposed to happen will happen...things will work out

    and things will work out...good thoughts...make it happen....


  • Thank you Nick

    You hit the nail on its head. since the thoight he took her back have i gone ok im gonna focus on me n do what i can to find me b happy n let my life revolve around me.

    yes money, i only let myself on the weekendtrip bc normally i am very financeconscientious. i try hard not to splur. i used when i was younger. i always have in my mind in case unforeseen expenses occurr i must have cash to pay them, n i cant really splur until end next month.

    in end i dont splur per se. ive found my inner sanctum so to say. splurring doesnt make me happy. being creative does. so i spend most of my free time being creative , writing poems short tales n such.

    n yes the guy has a chip on his shoulder, ex fire fighting captain hahahaaah

    all in all Nick thank you it makes much sense.


  • hi to anyone who reads this

    can any insight me on this cancer male june 25 1941 born at circa 3.42 am

    i especially want to know why he hangs up after he has replied it. why is he so effing rude?

    is he the one or shoukd i continue to walk away n onward as i am at this time?

    thank you


  • Is this the same guy as in the reading I did last for you?

  • yes

  • seems your still in the other reading, it still applies.

    My hint about the picture is that you need to look at the whole package that he is, some parts may be nice but.... if you can't work with the whole need to see that for yourself;

    Trust who you are, my feeling then was you need to be happy with you... you don't need anyone else for that… look back at the threads…July seems like there hints were there back then. So look where you have been and what took you to the place you are now, introspective will help you go where you want to be.


  • thanx Nick my dear friend

    Anyone else wanna take a crack at this?

    charmed in need of a new name

  • yes--new name indeed. Not so easily charmed as in they who charm hold the power---is it not time to just be YOU and let those that be dazzled find YOU charming? To be charmed is to follow----to be charming is to gather. Wouldn't it be less work to just be your charming self and forget all the chasing? it's scary yes--to just wait if you do not deep in your core believe you will attract an AVAILABLE fan club of interested adventurous men who come from your same planet. You are no longer that child who doesn't get things perfect. Your cancer charmer is fn rude because he can. He is not all cancer but also has conflict in his chart. I see a lion's head and a slippery fish and if that isn't enough he has Gemini wings! HE IS WHO HE IS! Your habit of choosing unavailable men says more about YOU then them. What part of your shadow side does it serve. I see a very very independent woman who has a deep fear of being trapped. Somewhere in your early life love got a bad rap

    can you learn to trust love. If not you will continue to dip your toe into love with a safety net of unavailable types. Great attractions are not all about soulmate energy---use your head with your heart. Understand the difference between compulsion that may feel like love but is not. I know I will ruffle your feathers here but you asked! And despite what you think I am fond of you CHARMING ONE! You speak up! Those that cannot appreciate your ability to say what's on your mind---they hang up! BLESSINGS!

  • PS--i READ YOUR POETRY!!! You are from my planet. You have a REAL voice---and sense of craft--excellent inner rhyme. Do not waste it all on man troubles. Use your gift as well for other wisdoms. I wanted to share my own but still deciding--much of my work has been published and I enjoy being anonymous on this blog. You are gifted! As a poet myself, I can tell you there will always be folks who will not appreciate your speaking up.

  • thanx blmoon

    back in the day the man i loved n was starting to get in touch with turned up officially deceased n that a year b4 i even noticed him. all my psyhichness told me its a "false" deceasing. my hunch to today still say he went into the "program"

    n no ive not always gone for unavaileble men. i just have a lousy taste in men hahaahahahaahah

    yeah he is who he is. the cancer one. flitter flatter wont bore u with his life, heck i know more about his life than my own haahahaahahaha

    why i love him easy to say from day one from mail one call one i felt n saw a long karmic past together. i reckon mayb i need to follow it back n see how far back it goes n so on.

    per se am i not haunting hunting his eff. can look diff from other angles i guess ah well

    thanx again

    if ya get more lay it on me girl.

    about poetry non here knows u other than blmoon n ye ive done other poetry pieces NOT involving the flighty flitter flatter man heh

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