Tarot-Nick can you help please?

  • Tarot-Nick,

    Can you please do a reading for me? I have reached a very confusing time in my life and I am completely unsure what I am supposed to do. It is my life as a whole- personal (a lot) and career. If you could please tell me what you see about me it would be greatly apprecited 🙂 born in december 1980.

    Thanks for any insight you can provide!


  • Hi blueintensity,

    Feeling like you been thru the ringer, but your out of the worst of it, don’t let it get to you

    You have had setbacks, you need to dig down to the courage you have, you can get thru it

    You’re a strong person, if you will yourself to be able to do it, you know you can

    Trust you intuition and use you imagination…it’s in you

    Who’s the younger guy you either met recently or have been dealing with…not telling the truth…be cautious….

    Your working hard at something… your good at it… some money pops up

    Be careful and don’t over due…get the feeling your burning the candle on both ends… that catches up

    You have been worrying about something you have been hoping for, I’m getting the feeling you don’t have to do it all by yourself…your not alone or there is help offered.

    You have the strength to make it happen

    A young guy pops up, he has a lot of energy, can be loving or just as strong agitating…it’s the energy he has

    Last card, you either run into a strong woman… has to be her way…snappy not being nice…it’s not tied to anything, so I am not sure whom it is directed too, not fun to be around.

    So the key is trust yourself, you can do it;

    Hope that helps,


  • must be tired, line 5 should be two your's not you

  • Wow!!!! ok- you are right I have met a guy who puts off some weird energy and was unsure how to handle it....what do you see surrounding him? Motives for trying to get close to me?? I am very dedicated to my career and have been over doing it.

    You really gave me a fresh perspective...thank you so much!!!

    Any additional info you can give about the young guy would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you so much!!

  • blueintensity,

    There are two guys that popped up,

    the first one,

    "Who’s the younger guy you either met recently or have been dealing with…not telling the truth…be cautious…."

    me personally I hate liars, I have no time for them. Burn me once ok I hope I learn burn me twice then it's my fault for not listening.

    The second guy was the energy one, not sure if you met him yet being it was late in the reading. I have seen people fall for that type because they love the excitement in the energy. then they overlook the flip side.... did I just show my age....hahahaha

    so read thru the reading a few times and think it thru

  • Hmmmmm...I think I have def met the energy guy.....not sure about the younger guy not to be trusted?? I will have to think about that one.

    Thank you again for your help.....and remember with age comes wisdom 🙂

    You have been great!

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