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  • I am hoping to have a stable home for my young baby son. We have been moving since his birth b/c of husband's job but more stability for his life was always the plan. I want him to feel secure. Will we find this? Does anyone see us in our own house soon. He is taken care of and has a lot of love now but I want him to feel secure and confident. Any insight appreciated. My b-day is 2-25-1983. His is 11-24-2012

  • Hi Flower.

    do you have the economy to have a steady long term home while husband flitter flatters workwise ? if it can carry that you need to find where you wish that steady long term home base. i feel you want it close to your parents home. nothing wrong with that.

    if it cannot carry that then figure out how long your husband has flitter flattered for the job and if he can get a permenant in one place for good job.

    hard to see when you dont tell what work ur man has got.

    I do see n feel you both want steady home base for your son but also do you not want ur man to give up his dream job. i sense it is. I also sense ur man aint thinking so much more it IS a dream job. to much travel n too much flitter flatter.

    i think u n ur man need a heart to heart regard this job of his. it feels the novelty has worn off. i also sense there is a possibilty for a stay in one place position. talk it over look into it.

    good luck


  • Thanks for replying. U are right that the novelty is wearing off with or without baby. I would like to be close to our family. But its good to get away sometimes. Our goal is to get a more of a long- term job.He does construction and the money is good usually.

  • yw dear!


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