Can some help me understand an ancient 10 card tarot spread please

  • my birthday is 11/8/81. I recently just got a new job which i am thrilled about and now wouldlike to get the rest of my life on path. When i did this reading I had a specific question I was asking. Do you need to know the question or just my dat of birth?

    i did the anient 10 card tarot spread and need help understanding how to read this and whatit all means.

    Card one: present position, current atmosphere influencing the questioner: Seven of Cups (reverse)

    Card 2: Immediate Influence that lies right ahead: Eight of Swords

    Card 3: Goal or destiny: Four of Wands (reversed)

    Card 4: Distant Past: XIV Temperance

    Card 5: Recent Past events & influences which existed in the distant past that are the foundation of present events: Xiii Death

    Card 6: Future Influence, what is coming into being in the near future: Xviii the moon

    Card 7: the questioner: six of pentacles reversed

    Card 8; environmental factors: Eight of Cups

    Card 9: Inner motions: six of wands

    Card 10: final result: king of cups

    sorry If I gave to muh infformation , not clear informationnor not enough information Please feel free to ask me for anything i might have missed. Than you

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