Some insight is appreciated

  • Hi,

    I do sometimes see things when i close my eyes. they pop out from the deep dark and i can't hold on to them for more then few seconds. Last night i saw faces which eyes would blow fires in a on and off mode and they were wild with big mouths like a mix between witches and vampires. I am afraid i have seen this images before too. I wonder what could this mean to me ??

    Thanks, B

  • Hi Breze

    I suggest you write this down when it happens then think of what contexts they appeared to. Based on what you posted is it hard to see the whole picture. often such flashes are meant for the one having them.

    could it be a warning of something to happen to u? i dunno. but i do know it is not something harmful to you at all.

    it can also mean you´re awakening to your skills as a medium, reader of sorts.

    Are u attracted to any specific tool like runes ? tarot cards? bones? pendulum?

    try figuring this outm write it down and get back to me and us. i hope more will reply as well. together mayb we all can help figure this out. the more i think of it the more does it feel like an awakening to a certain gift , mayb even a reawakening of a past life gift skill you once had that in this life will be a help for u.

    let us know


  • Hi Charmed,

    Thank you for your reply!

    in fact the moment I was seeing this faces I had a quick flash of a couple of women I know that don't want my best. I always feared them of doing something bad to me in any way they can as they have expressed themselves also. I am trying to move out from this place any day soon, because my life here has been stagnant in too many direction too.. I heard the apartment I am leaving in has a history of married people getting divorced ... And me too am going through this.

    I am craving some new things and experiences,

    Best to you !! B

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