Offering ~ONE~ Reading Today (June 29, 2013)

  • I will consult Tarot and/or Oracle cards based on how I am guided. Please take some time to ground and center yourself and think about your question before posting.

  • Hi Watergirl, my question is: in what direction is my relationship going?

  • Hi moonalisa,

    Was there a recent fight and/or are the two of you separated right now (even if just by distance)?

  • correct, long distance between us and some sadness recently

  • OK. thanks for confirmation. I will do an in-depth reading tonight or possibly 1st thing tomorrow morning.

  • thank you Watergirl, will be waiting 🙂

    have a peaceful night...

  • hello watergirl i would like a reading if you have time. please let me know if my question is too broad, but how should i handle the relationship between my mother and i? i need some guidance we don't have the greatest relationship. thank you!

  • Watergirl my question is about money I am making as much as i was making 20 years ago! will things get better what should we do?

  • Moonalisa,

    How long have you known this man and has the physical distance between you always been there? I am getting that you either do not have all the facts or are blinding yourself from the truth. The message was that it is tme to be brave.

    The message from your angels was to let go, then to give yourself some time to play to help raise your vibration, then to allow yourself to dream about what you really want and ask for their help.



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  • I'm sorry moonalisa, I really am. I don't know if he was always hiding things from you, but he definitely has been keeping things from you recently. The reality is that you were the one putting all the effort into the relationship - pouring all your emotion into it. But you were not receiving anything in return. It was like pouring water into an empty well. You deserve so much more than that. For now, just allow yourself to accept the situation - the reality of it - rather than trying to hang on or force an outcome that you would rather have. There are better things for you on the horizon, but first you must replenish yourself as this relationship has sucked you dry. Try not to hold onto regrets or anger - toward him or yourself. That will only serve to block you from the relationship you deserve in the future.

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  • It feels like you have a tendency to seek validation from outside of yourself - these men - but we will never receive this from an exterior source until we first give it to ourselves. Remember that our relationships are mirrors to be held up to ourselves. These men are taking advantage of you because you are too willing to give too much of yourself without an expectation of what you should receive in return. There is a longing I feel in you - for this love you want. This is at least part of the reason you ignore the truth once you feel it because you don't want to let go of that dream of this person being the one who will fulfill your wishes. But it is more about having a sense of safety and security. So you are vulnerable in this way and attracting men who sense this in you. Your boundaries get violated. I am also feeling a sense of time, maybe urgency? Are you giving these men the benefit of the doubt even after your gut tells you otherwise because you feel that time is running out and you won't find someone?

    I may be jaded, but I personally do not feel that meeting people on-line is a way to create a fulfilling relationship. Not unless it is just a means for the initial "meet" and then the two people can actually move into the next step of meeting each other in person and beginning a relationship. Long distance relationships are difficult even for people who start out together and have a solid foundation. When it starts out long distance and there is no way to move beyond the distance, you are usually getting to "know" someone who has something to hide. The distance serves them. Be aware of this in the future!

  • Jasminerose and Brightmoonshine,

    When I started this thread my intention was to do one reading as I knew I only had the time/energy for one. I also sent a prayer up to the Universe when I posted to please bring the person I would be most able to help. Moonalisa is/was that person.

    If you would like to start a new thread asking a question of me, I will do my best to respond as time allows in my schedule.

    Thank you,


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