Would like to give love tarot readings. New To site.

  • Saranavitch,

    Im starting out with the Queen of Wands -- She signifies someone who knows what they (you) want because of all the good and bad things that you have gone through. So this relationship of yours has led you to have time to reflect on yourself and your needs. Whatever choices you have lying ahead of you , you need to be more courageous in either overcoming them or facing them to build a stronger relationship with this guy.

    Three of Swords -- This cards is a warning sign of an unhealthy relationship. You may habe a good connection but something in this relationship is causing heartache and stress.. You could be fearing losing your partner him abandoning you? This card has a picture of 3 Swords stabbed into a heart, this to me signifies heartache.

    Page of Wands -- Does Someone have commitment issues? This card is good new for your relationship with your boyfriend. New levels in this relationship will manifest. But someone is iffy about settling down or really committing. Anyway the Page of Wands bring delighful news for you and your boyfriend. New things are going to blossom. New experiences and new ways to grow together.

  • Hi, I would like a reading when u have time please. It's been two yrs since me and my ex bf broke up. I think abt him from time to time and that's all. I don't want to get back, but do wonder how he is doing lately and how he feels abt me at the moment. Sound weird? I know... Still wish things didn't go down as they did. Btw, we don't have any mutual friends and we haven't talked since the breakup. Also wondering if u see him contact me in the near future or not. Thx 🙂

  • Hi! Thanks for the reading, and am sorry about my late feedback/response. I can relate to the five swords very well. i am sure he has a lot of confusion and concerns, and is probably scared. I am not speaking to him these days. I just wanted to give him time to think through. hate pushing ppl. Not my thing. At the same time, I started to pick up what we left off between me and one guy friend. He has been in my life for so many years. We have always had feelings for us, and in fact, he loves me very much all these days. Help me, support me. But we never got a chance to move into a serious relationship. Too many obstacles. I recently found out he had been seeing a woman for a year and a half, and he never mentioned it to me. I found it out on my own and got ridiculously jealous.. He told me he didnt want her or love her. just treated her as company and she knew it. But she wanted more, and he didnt. Just company, friends with benefits. Somehow I knew that woman loves him very much, and is a control freak. I am not sure if I can believe what he told me.. wondering if he is really having no feelings for her? also wondering if he really meant it when he told me he would get rid of her as soon as he can.. what u think? would like ur insights when u have time. thanks

  • Thankyou so much. I was finding clarity myself, but this has helped a great deal.


  • DDTT,

    Are you talking about two different mean in your post? Either way if the guy you just caught up with has been dating someone else for the past year and a year should be seen as a red flag. If he says hed dump her for you in a second why wont he just dump her now and work on something with you? I find it unsafe for you to get involved with this since he could play the same game with you in the future. I know people say it all the time.

    Genuinely he could be telling the truth that he would dump her for you and be loyal but he couldn't even tell you the truth that he was already with someone else. Regardless convincing yourself this woman is crazy to justify your involvement with him is not a good decision. Hes still with her. He should leave her if hes not interested.

    And you also had to find it out on your own. I do believe by his actions he does still have feelings for this woman otherwise he wouldn't be with her or have held the relationship from you.

  • You're welcome Saranavitch.

  • Thanks for your reading, it kinda makes me feel sad and happy at the same time, yep I did learn my lesson and I do think he have learn his and I was the one that pointed that out to him , all I wanted was to know from him what he really wanted and felted for me, he asked me to abandon everything for him and choose him and I was a coward, didnt follow my heart and when he left we didnt said goodbye and the connection must be so strong that I can feel when something his happening to him that really affects him, its weird to still have feelings for someone after 3 years and not seeing him. the closure I was looking was this and when you say Im not having it even having you saying he still have feelings it kinda twists my head.

    Well he moved on so should I, I just wish that I am able to just let it go, the truth is that with no reason I still hear his voice asking do u love me?

    Thank for you time and patience.

  • MariaPisces,

    Everyone feels attached and the have extremely hard times letting go of someone. I cant tell you for sure to let him go that has to be your choice. If he has moved on then the best choice for you is to move on also. There are a lot of good men in this world. There are also a lt of options in this world and its sickening to waste on just one thing especially something that is bad.

  • I would love a love reading please! I don't really see a future with my bf (6-6-61) and am wondering what the cards say about us? He seems to have lost interest but is reluctant to tell me....I can't really get much out of him as to how he is feeling.

    My birthdate is 1016-56. Thank you so much LP!



  • I would love a love reading if you can. 11/30/89

  • I am still doing readings. I will be doing Ritas first since she gave me one in return. Then after wil be doing everybody else. Please remember to respond back with feedback and if you have anymore questions or would like deeper insight it is very important to me to know if my work is helpful to you or not. 🙂 Readings take a lot of insight, focus and energy. Thank you and many beautiful blessings! ❤

  • Hi LovelyPisces, I'd so appreciate a reading on a relationship that has been a bit rocky in the past few months. Is there a hope for us or are we headed to an ending? We seem to keep working through things, but not sure his heart is really in it as much as mine. Thanks so much for your help - when you get time. Btw, I am familiar with the Rider-Waite deck, so if it helps you don't have to define the nature of every card, just your interpretation. Thought that might take up less of your time. (Love your deck and the imagery!)

    Thank you Rita you ! I will just add my interpretation. 🙂

    We should really share our insights together on the tarot.

    Now the -- Ace of Wands -- jumped out of the deck while I was shuffling and I am a firm believer in that being an important message. So I set this card above the rest of the cards in the layout. Your relationship leading to victory. A wonderful outcome. I would place this card in a position for you alone and say the tarot is telling you that whether this relationship succeeds or not you have an inner strength and courageous outlook to overcome any obstacle in your life. This card stands alone as an isolated message for you to focus strongly on. This relationship has beautiful potential if it is taken seriously and both of you work towards creating it and keeping it in tact.

    Knight of wands --- His position is your boyfriend and his feelings. He has impulsive behavior. He is conflicted with things. You may see him as the "one". Commitment is expressed. DO not rush things and both of you try to really give time to know what you both are getting into with this relationship. Work on the negatives with you both. He seems to make hasty decisions and has a lot of conflict going on inside of him. Which could be why you both are back and forth. Most relationships with obstacles as long as you both are in for the long haul end being very strong spiritually connected relationships.

    Is he younger or older then you? Im sure you know the Knight of wands symbolizes and younger person involved.

    3 of Cups --- Will this relationship succeed and prosper? Does he (your boyfriend) want it to end? ---- The card of celebration. Victory again over hardships. He definitely wants you and wants this relationship with you. This card shows you will definitely work through things and celebrate the next stage ready to come out in your relationship. A Wedding or just two people committing to each other.

    The Moon.(Card of Pisces) -- Intense emotions. Don't be in a hurry to end this relationship when things get heated. Give yourself some space take a breather and come back. Be good to each other and when you fight try not to allow that to diminish what you have. Fairness and respect for him and him with you. If you fight fairly and not allow arguments to destroy the both of you. Waiting on an answer form boyfriend as what direction you both are going could take longer then you would like but give him time.

    Last card with the outcome -- 2 of Wands --- (Reversed) Surprise. Something good is coming your way. For you regardless and for the relationship. You two willl deepen your relationship to something grander then you have expected. Celebrate and enjoy. You will work things out with him and he may even take a bigger step for. The 2 of Wands is representing something big and unexpected coming to you. So sit tight. Keep your mind focused on only good things this card also encourages manifesting what you want.

    Hope you enjoyed my reading please let me know if it was any bit accurate and helpful!!! 🙂 ❤

    --- Lovely Pisces

  • Aprilca,

    You are next!! I hope you are still looking at this thread.

  • Rita the Ace of Wands is suppose to be Ace of Swords. I wrote wands have no idea why lol .. sorry.

  • Hi LovelyPisces,

    I would really love a reading on how the relationship between my ex and I will be. He just broke up with me about a month ago and I want to know how our relationship with each other will be now. Thank you so much!

  • Hello Lovely Pisces!

    I havent been in a relationship in 3years and have been a nervous wreck about dating ever since I gathered myself back together but I would love to jump out there and date again but feel anxious about being let down. (I have before since my last relationship)

    What is the best way for me to attract love again? And also is the guy I have a crush on at work (Mr. R) really a jerk or actually likes me the way he says he does?

  • LovelyPisces - I will tell you why the Ace of Swords jumped out and that's because there's a very deep question of truth in all of this. "Truth" is literally my word of the past month. I am very much looking for resolution of the truth or I am ready to sever the relationship and go on with my life. That's the "sword of truth" that cuts away the things in your life that aren't in your best interest. That's why the Ace of Swords is often followed by good things because the old has been cut away.

    So it's a long story, but the short version is that "boyfriend" is separated and his divorce process is approaching two years now. It's insane and it's been emotional and difficult all the way around; for him going through it, and for me trying to be there supporting him emotionally in the time I've known him, but not wanting to get too emotionally attached in case our relationship is just some kind of rebound thing. One minute he's talking about the future, the next he goes AWOL, then we argue about what's going on, and we end it, and we begin it, and this cycle has been going on for nearly a year. It's exhausting and recently I hit him with a very serious question that deeply offended him - since he blew up over it, I assume it either offended him or I called him out on some truth that he didn't want me to know about him. As you read in the cards though, he's wound up pretty tight right now, so it doesn't take much to offend him. But in all of this, what I don't feel confident about is the question of when he's finally free, and some of the emotional pressures are off of him, will I be "the one" or will he say, "thanks I feel better now, I'm going to run off and play now". Has he seen "us" as something he wants in "the long haul" or was I just helping him feel better for a while? (I'm not asking you to answer that, he can't even seem to answer that, I'm just confirming what you saw in the reading.)

    He is younger than me, and he is very impulsive and emotional and extreme right now. The Knight of Wands suits him for sure. That actually ties in with the question I asked that got him so mad at me recently. At what point does "impulsive" become a lack of self-control, a lack of a sense of boundaries, and an inability to manage yourself or your personal relationships in a healthy way? (As you can imagine, not the kind of question a person wants to discuss while facing your failed marriage, but months of dealing with him led up to that question and based on events, I think it's a fair question.) On that note, if it weren't for your optimistic take on the 3 of Cups, I might easily interpret that card as he will want to date around since there are three ladies there, not one. 😉

    The moon - I am most definitely waiting on him to decide what he wants here. I'm prepared to go forward or go away, I just need the truth. I don't really want any more gray area (things hidden in the moon's shadows) as I feel like he's had enough time to know whether he wants more with me or wants to run free. I can understand why he'd want to "go adventuring" after leaving a marriage and going through a divorce, like a Knight of Wands, but I just don't want to be misled into thinking there's more for us. Put simply, I don't want him thinking he can have his cake and eat it too. I'm not sticking around for that. I will hope that the moon means that any "shadows" (confusion or deceit) will come into the light soon. It sounds like the divorce might be complete soon, but who knows. That ending is necessary before anything can really get resolved here anyway unfortunately. I'm a water sign also, so I'll take the Moon as a sign to pay attention to my intuition right now as well.

    Your take on the 2 of Wands is interesting since it's reversed. To me that suggests a lack of a plan and a lack of leadership. Nobody taking a lead. I like your interpretation much better! I don't read cards in reverse anymore since I always know the negative aspect is there along with the positive depending on free will and all of that. I just take the card as a general energy that exists. Here it makes me think that direction will be needed and since this is a card of personal power as well - we will either share the decision power or face a power struggle - a reverse of the positive aspects of the 2 of wands. Since it's a Minor card, it may not be earth-shattering, but it does reinforce the idea that discussion or a decision needs to be made about where this relationship is going.

    As you suggested, I'm going to hang on to that Ace of Swords energy for now. Like you, I always know there's a critical message when a card jumps out of the deck. I'll try to remain more positive in general as well. Kind of a struggle at this point, we're not even talking right now, but as you pointed out, sometimes some space is needed.

    THANKS so much LovelyPisces for the reading. This has been super fun exchanging readings and sharing interpretations. Let me know if you want that love reading and I'll go back to the other thread to post it.

  • Rita,

    Im glad it helped. That Ace of Swords was determined to get my attention. I usually like you dont use reverse but I considered so much energy in these cards I decided to include it as reversed. I prefer no reversed cards at all. Its so much better that way and easier to put a personal interpretation to it.

    I would definitely love a love reading from you!!

    Im sorry your situation is so difficult right now. Just don't forget yourself if you continue with this guy. and yes stay focused on that Ace of Swords. I will look for the love reading on the other thread. Please stay in touch!!! 🙂

  • Aprilca,

    "Hi, I would like a reading when u have time please. It's been two yrs since me and my ex bf broke up. I think abt him from time to time and that's all. I don't want to get back, but do wonder how he is doing lately and how he feels abt me at the moment. Sound weird? I know... Still wish things didn't go down as they did. Btw, we don't have any mutual friends and we haven't talked since the breakup. Also wondering if u see him contact me in the near future or not. Thx :-)"

    First card is The Lovers -- "How is he doing now?" -- With the Lovers showing up I am getting that he is in love with someone. Or just in a new romantic relationship. The lovers card also represents choices so he could be going through a tough time right now that is taking over his life. Could have to do with work or love. Since this is a love relationship I could assume he is deciding on more then one person in love. But he is romantically involved with someone.

    Second card is Ten of Pentacles -- "How he feels about me?" --Strong bond between you two. With this card this would be a yes that he still thinks of you. And you may be part of what The Lovers is trying to explain with his choices. Either 10s mean Endings and Beginnings so I would suggest leaving your options open and not be so focused on someone from the past. Ten of Pentacles is telling you that someone new is on the way and you block that attraction and energy by looking behind you.

    The Hanged Man -- (How he feels about me -- to be combined with Ten of Pentacles) The Hanged Man confirms to us that he is moved on. May not be physically but mentally he is telling himself or has learned the lesson of not letting life pass you by, by staring into the life that has done its time. Opportunities were missed. He has a new perspective on life. To him what is done is done and with the Ten of Pentacles and Hanged Man together. His feelings are over hence the endings with Tens and the new take on life with The Hanged Man. Also the Hanged Man sticks to his position. He won't change. His life is flipped he has a new vision.

    Now we are on the 5 of cups -- Will he contact me in the near future?? -- 5 of Cups says loss. So I take this answer as a No he wont try to contact you. -- Like the 2 cups still standing afer the 3 other cups have lived their dy and spilled over. All is not set in stone and hope still resides if the seeker is really wanting contact. Sometimes the position we need to take is do the contacting yourself and not put yourself in such a lesser position as if he is the only one to initiate contact. Confidence is key in any relationship.

    General for you -- 2 of Wands -- 2 of Wands is telling you to open your eyes, face forward, and march ahead. Broaden your horizon and look above yesterday. The universe has bigger better things in store for you and you know you cannot go after them until you let go of familiar things.

    Future card for you in love -- King of Wands -- Stable wise man coming into your life. A good leader.

    Hope you enjoyed my reading!!!

  • Hi. Thx for the detailed reading. U confirmed what I was guessing... About him. I'm sure he's moved on and is actively looking for new love interest if he hasn't found one yet.. Still, I wanted to know how he's doing and how he feels abt me. Thanks for that. Yah, I guess, he may think of me from time to time, but I guess that's it. Oh, thx for drawing extra cards focusing on my own happiness. Loved the last card u drew- my kind of man. Thanks 🙂 blessings.

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