Would like to give love tarot readings. New To site.

  • Hi Lovelypisces,

    Can I have a love reading if you're still offering please?

    Thank you so much,


  • Doing more readings tonight on the new requests! Please let me know if my readings have helped. Feedback is always good!

  • HI! tHANKS for offering readings! thats very kind of u! i would like to have one when u have time.. i m wondering if u see me and my bf move forward to the next step in the near future? like engagement?? and whats on his mind regarding the proposal? any insight would be appreciated. thx a lot! blessings!


    First card I pulled the -- 9 of Pentacles -- Things are stabled between you two and things seem to be progressing positively. If you are thinking of taking bigger steps .. as you stated in the above .... This card proves that things will work out for you both.

    Page of Cups --- Is a yes! for engagement. Page of Cups represents a person (your boyfriend) bringing positive news pertaining to love, marriage and proposal. Get ready for things to go to the next level.

    5 of Swords --- (His feelings towards you and the engagement) Feelings of confusion. Head over heart / heart over head. Engagement and marriage are stressful steps to take. He is contemplating things progressing and growing. People become extremely overwhelmed with permanent choices in life so it is natural.

    Keep trying and working towards your goal. If you have any questions or need more help let me know!

  • hello lovelypisces! i just wanted to check if you didn't forget about my reading? 🙂 you said you were going to do it after you're finished with the three after me. thanks again!

  • Hi lovelypisces i may have been skipped too (easy to do no worries) i put my question on page 2 or 3 of this thread. Thank you 😄

  • Thank you for your offer, may I get a reading? I would like to know will I find love soon?

    Thank you

  • LovelyPisces,

    I would love to have a love reading. I have been involved with a particular guy for several years. On and off again is the pattern. He has turned up again recently and we have had some good talks. He has been quiet for the last week and so now I am feeling a bit alone and abandoned again. Can you ask the cards what is going on with him and is he still in this or has decided to leave all together?



  • Hi LovelyPisces, I'd so appreciate a reading on a relationship that has been a bit rocky in the past few months. Is there a hope for us or are we headed to an ending? We seem to keep working through things, but not sure his heart is really in it as much as mine. Thanks so much for your help - when you get time. Btw, I am familiar with the Rider-Waite deck, so if it helps you don't have to define the nature of every card, just your interpretation. Thought that might take up less of your time. (Love your deck and the imagery!)

  • Hi everybody I am so so sorry I just disappeared like that I had some issues in the real world but Im back and getting back on all these readings. Those who I promised an extra reading for a mess up will have to wait until those who have not received one yet.

    I am also changing the deck to "Ghost and Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt"

    I hope you all will forgive me and have patience as I answr all your requests. Please let me know feedback also.

    ---- Thank you LovelyPisces

  • Lovely Pisces

    If you can accommodate one more request I would like one on my troubled marriage.

    Thanks and blessings

  • Danceur,

    5 of Cups - Stop focusing so much on the negative areas of your love life. If you feel like hope is lost as far as reviving a relationship or finding the right person and relationship for you. Try to focus more on positive aspects. This card is also pointing to sadness, stress and depression. There is someone and/or a relationship that is causing you strife. Realize the emotions and negative feelings are there acknowledge them and plan to move forward. Blaming yourself or anybody will only keep you in the pits even longer. This card being in a love reading says disillusionment. You are not opening your eyes to the truth of a situation occurring in the love area.

    Ten of Wands - The Ten of Wands is here to confirm some things said by the 5 of Cups. You are struggling to give yourself hope for a new bright and fresh relationship and one that fits your ideal. You have to stay positive and pursue such things you want manifested in your love life. Open your eyes and allow the impossible to happen, allow your world to be created and find new things and ways to learn about life and surely love will improve. Also sometimes we don't have to work as hard as we think we do to catch the love we want. Sometimes meditation and reflection and being open to the universe brings things we could never expect or dream up.

    King of Pentacles - Dark hair and Dark Eyes. Strong Man & powerful yet respectful man. King of Pentacles clearly expresses that trust needs to be put in order because someone or something magical is on the way. And this person will respect and love ad adore you just as you are. If you are in a relationship that person you are with you can trust and believe in, just get rid of the demons. However earlier in this reading 5 of Cups says whatever is present in your love life now is unhealthy for you whether that means they direction things are going if involved or for you alone being solo its time to let go of someone or something you are holding onto. The King of Pentacles is bringing someone new in your life and just stay true yourself and this guy will love you for being who you are.

    Page of Pentacles - Page of Pentacles explains that through this effort of improving your love life and yourself there will be help. Someone will help you through this. Help you to stand up again whether its positive words of encouragement or simply being there with you. This is could mean your love interest or future love interest will be comforting and supportive of helping you grow as a person.

    Hope my reading helped! Thank you for your request.

    -- LovelyPisces

  • Hi lovelyPisces

    I would like to know if I will have my closure with this guy that Im still in love with and by the way if he still feels anything for me.

    Thank you

  • Hi LovelyPisces,

    Thanks for the reading 🙂

    The thing that struck a chord with me in your reading, is the need to let go of someone, and seeing the truth of a situation. I have been moving forward past a previous relationship (it was too brief to call it that) but I still have feelings for this person. It ended when things were good and there was no proper closure, no explanation, just silence and distance.

    There’s no real sadness anymore, as it’s been 2 years… there’s just a kind of resonance with him that I can’t seem to shake. The ‘regret’, if any, comes from a feeling that I never got a chance to see if things would work – although the signs indicate that I would have been much worse off had we been together longer.

    I don’t really feel as the 5 of cups suggests. For the most part I feel neutral as I’m happy in my life and I’m going with the flow and letting changes in. It’s just that I feel a big question mark where relationships are concerned. I don’t really know how I feel about having a partner anymore, since I feel most centered on my own. And that nagging feeling of still having feelings for him, even if these feelings are so quiet and dormant. I don't fall in love easily - with him, I did. I don’t want to prevent a better person from entering my experience, but I can’t wish away these feelings too. There's no reason for me to still feel them, but I do...

  • Danceur,

    Have you tried contacting him? Letting him know your feelings? Do you live far a part. What was the reasoning for the separation? I am a strong believer in feelings being there for a reason sometimes.

  • MariaPisces,

    I did a yes or no spread for your questions...

    Upright - Yes / Reversed - No

    Your first card with the question "Will you get closure?" -- (I am using the Ghost and Spirits deck Chains replaces the Devil in this deck) Answer is - You will not get the proper closure you are looking for. With Chains card that depicts Jacob Marley from a Christmas Carol.He is chained to his fate for the choices he has made and his purpose is to show others not to go down the same road as he did. So lessons are involved here. This need to get closure is holding you back and weighing you down. Realize we can sometimes create our own closure for ourselves when others wont give it to us or allow us to have it. What you need to do now is recognize what is truly important in your life and that is yourself.

    Next Question - "Does he still have feelings for you?" - Queen of Cups is upright so the answer is a Yes, he does still have feelings for you. With the Queen of Cups it shows he feels a strong connection to you and he may not understand those feelings or why he is feeling so connected to you. She is ruled by emotions and represents the Water element, (Think Pisces) being the Queen of Cups. His feelings for you are deep.

  • Hi LovelyPiscecs,

    I forgot to mention that I too believe as you said that 'sometimes we don't have to work as hard as we think we do to catch the love we want. Sometimes meditation and reflection and being open to the universe brings things we could never expect or dream up'.

    Thank you for the timely reminder.

    Yes i did try to sound him out 1 year ago. I texted him and asked him what had happened to us and said I still valued his friendship and didn't want things to be awkward with us anymore. He replied a little but he never answered the 'why'. He just said he could only offer friendship and that it wouldn't be fair for me to wait on him. I think he might have stopped short of saying he regretting things. I only alluded to my feelings, but I never really articulated that I loved him, that I still do. But I think he got the message, as he distanced himself even more after that.

    So I got the hint and I stopped trying to get answers from him. I've developed a sense of what might have happened, and that has brought a lot of peace (and so has focusing on other things) but I still love this man... I don't want to 'work' on ridding myself of feelings. I do believe in things running their course. I have been attracted to other people and I have more male friends now than at any point in my life, yet I feel that 'that place' is still occupied by him. Maybe there's some karma or soul connection haha... I don't know...

  • Reasons for the separation would only be from my perspective...

    His job doesn't allow him to be who he is, or at least that's what he believes. It's almost like he feels beholden to uphold a certain image, and he feels that others would judge him for having a private life. It might be that he only wanted a fling or an escape from real life...although I strongly feel his feelings were sincere. He might have become scared off by what was developing with us...either from past hurts and not wanting to be vulnerable again, from him not feeling I was the right fit, or quite possibly that he couldn't juggle a budding relationship and the demands of his job, and feeling that he wouldn't be able to provide what he thought I wanted (even though I never articulated anything).

    He has moved on very well. But it's like the elephant is in the room whenever we run into each other.

  • Danceur,

    What is his sign? and what is yours?

    You say he has moved on very well. Do you mean he has been with other people?

    There is a lot of thought on all this. You both seem to over-analyzing this relationship to the extreme. Which is good to an extent but you have to allow things sometimes to unfold naturally. I understand how you feel. You shouldn't force your feelings to go away. If a friendship is what he wants and you are okay with that then let that be for now. Do not give into being intimate with him if its only friendship.

    Stay firm with your feelings. Thing change and so do people he could wake up one day and realize you both are meant to be.

  • Hi LovelyPisces

    Would you be willing to read for me. I am a Gemini,DOB 19/06/75. He is an Aquarius DOB 13/02/65. We have taken some time apart to allow me to decide whether our relationship is right for me,there are complexities that make it hard for me to be with him though we have a wonderful connection. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou.

  • Hi LovelyPisces,

    He is Gemini and I'm Scorpio. Not the loveliest combination.

    What i mean to say is that it's my perception that he's moved on very well. I have no idea what he really feels, as he is really guarded and has remained silent (not unlike how Scorpios generally are).

    He may have said 'friendship' but he's avoided me this whole time, and I have learnt to ignore him too. I told myself that in order to move on, I had to be able to accept that I couldn't have his friendship, because he didn't seem to want mine. We've been strangers for two years, with the obligatory awkward conversation whenever we run into each other.

    I had to form a picture of things, in order to move on, know what i mean... because he never provided his side of the story. I think we could never be 'just friends' because there is physical attraction. Perhaps intimacy did complicate things... it might certainly have been the precursor, but it seems to be more complicated than that. Think he already has many emotional burdens from his life in general.

    Don't think he's ever realised that his actions hurt me. Nor has he really apologized for it. But I just couldn't stay stuck feeling in that place, where there is so much life and abundance out there.

    Actually I hadn't thought about things in quite a long. It's just recently I started thinking about him again, and I guess I dusted off the analysis again. It's just a passive questioning within me, I guess...no sadness. A kind of wondering... Not an active indignation that I still have feelings, but a silent affirmation. I had been hoping some stranger would sweep me off my feet (haha) so that I would finally let go of the feelings, but so such luck. And it seems nowadays I enjoy my own company and prefer not pursuing things. So I have and am going with the flow on this 🙂

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