Would like to give love tarot readings. New To site.

  • Would love to give some Love Tarot Readings. Please post with

    whatever questions you may have pertaining to love. I use the Deviant Moon Tarot for my readings. I also use oracle cards as well. But for these readings I will be using Tarot. I will try to add in snapshots of the cards throughout the readings. Please also give me some time between readings.

  • Hi LovelyPisces,

    I would love a reading, thank-you! My question: What do you see happening between me and the man I love?" thanks again!

  • Hi Lovely Pisces,

    I could use a reading at this time. Thank you for your offer !!

    I am confused in relation to O. Can you tell me what is it going on really and what should I do in regard to this ?? The future ?? Thanks a million !! B

  • hello lovelypisces! i'd like a reading, too, if it's possible! 🙂

    could you do a general, past, present, future kinda reading for me? it's not specifically about anybody, i'd just like an analysis of what's to come for me love-wise. thank you so much for doing this!

  • Lovelypisces,

    Could I also have a general reading too?

    Thanks very much.

  • Hello, LovelyPisces!

    Could you please do a general love reading? What will be the state of my emotions.

    Some information- I have one friend , but our communication now makes me more often unhappy. Will i be able to detach in terms of feelings to him in future?

    Thank you.

  • Hey! Got everyone and will be working on them today! Get back to you asap.

  • ZNL, here is your reading...

    5 of wands -- There is competition in your relationship. Challenges are present in the relationship. Are you competing or fighting for his affection? You may be arguing with yourself on how to approach this relationship with him or possible relationship with him. Or there could be others on the outside competing for his heart.

    10 of Wands -- Working on the relationship and your conflict with yourself as stated in the 5 of wands shows your approach could pay off in a positive light. The relationship just needs more focus and attention. Just need to get through your obstacles first to build the foundation and allow this relationship to prosper.

    9 of Cups -- Reaping the rewards for your efforts with your man. 9 of cups is a very positive card and with it being your outcome card for this reading pertaining to your relationship a positive outcome is assured just follow the above advice and spend more time working through your issues together and not second guessing yourself. **9 of cups assures only positive things to develop with you and him.

    Thank you for your request please let me know any feedback and if you have any other questions! -- LovelyPisces 🙂

  • ZNL, (snapshots of your cards)

    10 of wands & 9 of cups

  • Wow LovelyPisces, thank you so much. First, interesting / unique choice for the deck used.

    I can comment on the 5 and 10 of wands and hope that 9 of cups materializes. The answer to your question in the context of 5 of wands is "yes" so you are spot on. So you and the cards are right.

    About 10 of wands - I have left it and him alone to figure things out. At this point keep him in heart and faith. Trying to also deal with my own feelings in stepping back/out.

    What can I say re the 9 than to say that would be my wish.

    I want to thank you again and may I ask re the 10 of wands is there any advise/approach of how or what to do? (Note the 5 of wands and yes to your answer and existing OW.

  • Breze I did a past present and future reading for you.

    The Past I pulled -- 3 of Cups -- Celebration. Accomplishment. So what im seeing is your past with O was pretty good and successful.

    The Present -- 3 of Swords -- Heartache. Pain and breaking up. The image portrays knives stabbing through the figures heart which implies heartbreak. Upset. You seem to be struggling at the moment with O. And all this stress is causing you heartache. You are struggling with the disappointment of things not working out as you had hoped or thought they would.

    The Future -- 8 of wands -- Things will start changing for the better for you and O and with the 8 of wands usually means how you have envisioned them to be. Good news is coming to you in regards to your relationship. 8 of wands stresses you wont have to work so hard this time around. Allow things to just happen and progress.

    Let me know if this helped you i away and have any questions! Thank you for your request!

    -- LovelyPisces

  • hello lovelypisces, (i am a pisces as well :D). could you give me a reading if time permits? i would like to know if a new love will come into my life within the next 3 months. Thank you!!

  • ZNL,

    10 of wands meaning overextending yourself. What you could to for yourself and the relationship is set your boundaries.You are just as important to the relationship or to this world for that matter like your man is. It is always important to state where you want the relationship heading or what you need and don't need. 10 of Wands is a card of struggle and stress. 10s mean completion. You are at your wits end with disappointments and upset because you focus too much on this.

    ** Your approach -- You would have to take a stand and take charge. Be the enforcer of the relationship.

  • CYLL,

    Past --- Ace of Swords -- Whatever has happened to you in the past has had high influence on what has evolved today in the present. Basically you defined your own future and existence. Some people sit back and allow things to just happen and unfold. Some do not care for the effects their actions have made or could make on their future. The Ace of Wands shows you were not and still are not that kind of person which has led you to the here and now with positive steps.

    Present --- The World -- Because of your past actions with the Ace of Swords, The World shows its face to prove to you that the seeds you have sown are harvesting. You are deserving of this harvest because of your hard work. The time is now to pursue all that you desire. The world is in your hands. Your goals can be realized. Do not destroy the realizing of your dreams & goals by negative thoughts and negative talk either.

    Future --- Three of Swords -- Considering the surrounding positive cards the 3 of Swords makes you aware of relationships in the future. Not just love relationships either. Many people will try to sabotage your intent on succeeding in life or when you have reached fulfillment some would rather you live in misery with them. Or try to bring you down as so to destroy all that you worked hard for. Just be careful with your friendships and relationships. An old heartache could come back and it could not be good for you, especially not good for what you have worked hard towards.

    I hope you enjoyed this reading and if you have any questions please let me know! thank you for your request!! 🙂

    -- LovelyPisces

  • Cyll,

    Images of cards -- Ace of Swords, The World, and 3 of Swords.

  • The World & Ace of Swords.

  • Cyll I gave you a General reading! I didnt see the love-wise. I will do a loved one for your as well as soon as I am done the other 3 after you!!!

  • Dear LovelyPisces, thanks for expanding on the 10 of wands card. It is amazing that you picked that card and so I feel peaceful about my stand and decisions.

    Love, light and many blessings to you for your kind offer. You are very good at this and indeed lovely.

  • Dear LovelyPisces,

    I am asking for another reading request but I really don't want to abuse your generosity and can see that you have many other reading requests already so only if you are still doing these and only if you have time.

    My question: What are my prospects for finding a good job in the near future.

    Thank you!

  • Lovely Pieces,

    Would like a reading about my love life-


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