Guidance on percieved problem if one is able

  • Hello,

    I have recently abandoned thoughts and emotions of a dead end situation and am now focusing on what is ahead and in the now. I seem to be in a pattern though. I noticed that I am always struggling with abundance after this last 'dead situation'. For the past year I have ben attracting min wage or short term jobs. Although I am thankful to be working at the days Inn hotel it is just over min wage. I m looking for an objective view outside of my own interpretation of guidance or the tarot. My aim is to become ware of what opportunities I may not be seeing at the Days Inn o what it is that I can do in order to attract a financially secure job.

    Thank you,



  • Do you have the qualifications, training or experience to apply for a better paying position? If not, you might want to think about doing a study course or working as an apprentice somewhere to gain experience.

  • I have seven years of education and have held jobs in 10 different industries and had jobs for as long as 4 years. Long term and short term.

  • In what profession does your passion lie - put aside money issues for now. Where do you really want to work?

  • My passion lies in justice. I have always been passionate about truth.

  • Lawyer, police, advocate or what?

  • I could do all three! I am trying to figure a way to narrow down. I have signed up for the November 2013 police exam. I do not want to do another three years of college on top of the seven I have done already and 8.5 in total to finish the degree I am on now. Too much loss and loans with 6/8 interest to pay after the fraud at that Brockport college. So, I think attorney is already out. College is too oppressing and with all busy work and allot of pay to oppress oneself. I am thinking of exercises to trigger subconscious in order to get very clear on career path.

    Thanks for listening.

  • What about other jobs like investigative journalist, social worker, writer, even working for the peace corps or armed forces? There are many varied jobs in the court, correctional and police services that you may not have considered like profiler/criminologist, legal secretary, fact-finder, paralegal, jury consultant, corrections officer, forensic psychologist etc. If you are passionate about an issue, you could even work for a non-profit or charity organization that fights for animals, the environment, justice for the disadvantaged, etc.

  • I am aware of those. I am keeping my options open. I have also signed up for ameri corps too.:)

    Secretary jobs are no good for me in the long run. I like to be in a car and out an about with risk.

  • Forensic psych is my areas of study to open my options farther I have also studied criminal justice and criminal law. What is your ideal career?>

  • My ideal career is what I am doing - healing, counselling, teaching/learning/growing. 🙂

  • Ok, good for you, your at a place where you are doing what you like to do for a career. 🙂

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