Attention Virgos - Please Help

  • sorry to read that you are going through a rough time too Donna.

    It seems like there is nothing but hard times for all.

    Since my uncle's passing, I have learned of my aunt (different branch of family) having cancer and not long left on this earth.

    Today I had my car in to get the winter tires on and the brakes needed replacing so I am out another $450.

    I am so very tired. Can't take much more... I hope that this Saturn leaving our sign of Virgo will give us a break.

  • Oh my goodness. I did a Virgo search the other day and this thread never came up. I randomly stumbled upon this thread today. To all my fellow Virgos that had to suffer I empathise. I have always felt pain more deeply those others and this in itself has caused me anguish. This past year, however, has been a roller coaster of pain that progressively got worse. I've had to struggle so much, like so many of you. I've questioned many times what possible lesson am I learning. We are warriors. What you put into the world will come back to you. I know it's hard to think positive, but I believe that things will get better for us.

    Peace and love!

  • God it seems like this garbage will NEVER end!!

    Landlord's dog, that I have known since a pup and played with, had taken to occasionally trying to rip me apart.

    Now my elderly mother was visiting me and he bit her three times!

    Luckily she has cords on and that protected her some.

    She had the bruises and broken skin but not a rip in the cords so she did not go to the hospital for attention.

    Landlords said dog was on way out but of course he is still here and I was told if I reported this that I could look for someplace else to live.

    I cant find another place that I can afford!

    They have finally decided to fence in the yard so I am not at risk. HOWEVER.... now I look out my window and feel like I am inside a chicken coop!

    They put a wall up with wire and attached it to their balcony and I have this to look at now.

    Making lots of noise upstairs too as if they are trying to drive me out. :0(

  • Hello Sable31, Many times over the last 3 years i have looked for a way out. I have also come to realise that I will have to settle and not be with the love of my life. Only you can find the way out. That being said, I stopped reading the news to avoid negative or emotional stories, I started meditating with love opening myself up to others. I made limits in my life to give me some semblance of order and discipline which we need to thrive. I say to myself, thank you for the experience you gave to me, I had to experience it. now it is over, and I will not have to repeat it because of my acceptance of it. I forgive the one who hurt me. Now it doesnt have power over me. I still feel pain, but I am also open to peace and inner contentment. Decide and do...

  • Change is coming,,,, I feel it. decide and take action.. dont let others decide for you, make your own rules... live your life by what you feel is important (of course dont break any laws). love, laugh and cry... enjoy it all...

  • Thank you satimala for your posts.

    I had been crying again 3 days ago. Then on the 28th I was going out to volunteer and I realized that I felt "lighter".

    I was laughing and smiling again.

    Then I realized what the date was... the day before Saturn left Virgo.

    I had forgotten about that date as I was looking forward to it before and more drama and family losses happened.

    So I am feeling the relief of Saturn leaving Virgo and so glad it is done!

    I hope the other virgos that posted on this thread of their troubles will post to let all of us know if it has gotten better for them or if they just feel happier or lighter like me since Oct 29.

  • My difficulties started in 2000 & at least finances actually improved in the last 2 years. Divorce in 2003, without a home 2004, parents died 2007 & brother with unmedicated mental illness still hasnt settled the estate. I am a Virgo who doesnt do confrontation well but is learning. Working on passive/aggressive tendancies. Libra rising and Moon in Aquarius. I hope & pray this gets better for all of us.peace.

  • I too have gone through the fire....It's a difficult place to be - but know that you are going through this in order to purge all the toxic waste and all the erroneous, preconceived notions of who you are from your life and consciousness. Once you have been able to do this, your intuition will be sharper, your health will be better, you will finally be in touch with your inner peace and can have that at any time, in any situation you are facing - be it life or death.

    The long, hard answer is that there are many paths that lead to enlightenment. You have to find which one works the best for you - and only you can determine that - a psychic can only guide you - YOU have to do the hard work and actually walk the path.

    The shorter answer - but no less difficult is the path of non-attachment to outcome and unconditional love. This path is found through meditation, yoga, prayer (where you open yourself and listen or just be - not beg for a material solution or immediate answer) and patience. (See Paul O'Brien's blog about Argentina, Unconditional love and Non-attachment. I responded with a bit about my personal story and experience - if you're interested - I'm Cynthia.)

    I know you might be thinking 'But I NEED to do something NOW!!'

    If so, sit down and relax in a quiet setting, and just quiet your mind. Let go of your grudges, your worries and fears, let go of all thought. That's how you start. I always use this image when my mind is in overdrive....I visualize the planet Saturn as a ball balanced in the center of concentric rings - that represents to me no thoughts - unpleasant or otherwise. When thoughts pop in, the ball is out of balance and hits against the rings which ricochet back and forth causing the imbalance. I concentrate on my breathing and keeping the ball balanced in the middle. Let the thoughts slide by you without the inner dialogue. It's hard at first, but you will find what works for you through trial and error - and be guided by that inner voice with practice and patience.

    Finally, you must know that your healing/enlightenment - whatever you want to call it - is not an 'Event', it is truly a process and new path for your life that must be walked everyday. Otherwise you will slide back into your old processes.

    Even knowing/practicing/achieving all of this doesn't mean your life will be trouble free, but it will give you the tools you need for whatever situation you face, and show you that you can always have inner peace. That inner peace is a gift more valuable than gold.

    Know that you have been chosen to resolve these things in your life - that your awareness and sensitivity has been guiding you (however unpleasantly) to the answers you are seeking and the best that life can offer is always yours. Just by laying your burdens down.


  • I wanted to correctly reference Paul O'Brien's blog from October 13th, called 'Love and Non-attachment in Argentina', about Mataji Indra Devi, who was a mentor to Paul.

  • Thank you for all the enlightening information. I have decided that this period is my "pruning phase". And when it is over, I will have eliminated a lot of the unnecessary distractions in my life. I have decided that an imperfect plan is better than no plan at all and have started making the transitions necessary to streamline not only my lifestyle but my thinking process. I had to decide to be grateful (as hard as that is to imagine) for this time of illness and frankly, poverty, in order to find the lesson attached to it. Now, I'm managing my disability more gracefully than ever and am learning more about my ability to survive and suceed no matter what social or economic climate I'm experiencing. This Virgo has gotten through to HOPE side of this trial period.

  • Hello everyone. I'm new to the site. I would like to add that I too am a Virgo who has been going through some difficult times for the last 18 months or so, only mine deal with love and relationships! Sometimes I just understand why love has to be so complicated! I'm hoping that we can all get some relief really soon!!

  • Hello all you lovely, good-hearted Virgos. I am happy to hear that life is getting easier. I, myself have been feeling much more positive lately--due to exercising, having fun with friends and treating myself kindly. I like what one of the posters said, that we are warriors. Oh, I think that is so true, and what a great reminder. I wish everyone joy 🙂


  • Things are still rocky for me, not as bad as before, but I still am struggling. so sad, so down, so very tired of everything.

    no joy left in my life and cannot think of anything to bring it back.

    I wish someone could give me a reading or something to let me know which way to turn, how to get out of this, to see if there is anything to look forward to in my life.

    just so darn tired of fighting for every little thing and losing it all anyway.

    just tired.

  • I'm a virgo and just lost my 2.5 month old son to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) I know of the feeling of pain, lost and sadness.

  • Dear AMCIIpam,

    I am so sorry for your huge loss of your baby boy. His picture is beautiful. I cannot even imagine how difficult it would be. I hope and pray you have lots of support from your loved ones. I am so, so sorry for you. God Bless.


  • Hello all Virgos..:)

    I would first like to say that I believe we do have sensitive digestive systems. I was diagnosed with Crohns disease in 2005. The past few years I have been working on the "stop trying to fix everyone" need we seem to have. This year has been extremely difficult in trying my patience. It seems like I am having to WAIT for everything in my life. Mind you I do need to learn how to wait a little more graciously but it sure isn't easy. When you can SEE what to do but have to wait to react because it involved others is frustrating! I sure will be glad when things start rolling 🙂

  • AMCIIpam, I am So sorry for your loss!

    When I saw your son's happy little face,I couldn't help but break out in a huge smile. His eyes are so blue and look very intelligent. He looks like a real charmer. When I read that you had lost your son, I couldn't help but feel the need to tell you how sad I feel for you. I can't even imagine your pain! All I can say is that, when my son was born, I was an unwed mother..all the time I was pregnant, I was planning on keeping him, but after he was born, I was overwhelmed with the responsibility. I was 18, and then reality set in and I got scared.I arranged to put him in a foster home for thirty days , so I could figure out what I wanted. During that time, I got a very good reading from my step mother's friend (they're both psychic). My stepmom told her nothing about me , so as not to sway her in any way.Well, the part I wanted to tell you about was , she told me there was a child in the background( in her vision) that was telling her that If I don't keep him, that he will find another way to be with me. In the end, I did keep him, and when I picked him up at the foster home, the lady told me he had gotten a belly button infection and could've died from it. I think, if I signed those papers, he may have left this world and come back another way. This is what I am trying to say to you, that he HASN'T left you. This little soul came to you for a reason! Even though it didn't work out for him in this physical plane, he will be with you again. I believe it could be in this life, but you may believe differently. Try not to despair, but just focus on that thought..that HE WILL BE WITH YOU AGAIN, soon. I wish you great things, and will pray for you often. May God bless you with peace.

  • Thank you for your word of sympathy, just reading what you said turned the faucet of turns on, the holidays have made the pain, loss, and sadness more difficult to get through. He was a very intelligent little boy, he started form sentences at only 10 wks old, he told my mom over the phone as clear as day "I Love you Grandma", he kept saying he was a good boy, he could say is name, he was spoiled in love, he had a personality that could make you laugh everyday, he knew when I pulled into the drive-way, he would suddenly get quiet and start looking around for me. Dad was so proud to have a son, we have 3 daughters (17, 12 and 11) and we waited 18 years to have a son, he was a perfect son, we took him on my favorite carnival ride the carousel, we took him up to the moutains in which he seemed at peace up there. If you asked him to smile for the camera he would, he would show me on the weekend how he would bug his dad by making a noise that would wake him up and when he saw dad move he would look at me and smile, dad worked night and I worked days. It's so quiet and hard to be without him, he brought life, joy, and excitement back into our family, I miss him sooo terribly and at 41 I don't know If I can even get pregnant again. He passed away on Oct. 12, 2009 and people tell me time will heal, but with the holiday time is getting worse. As they say a parent takes your past when they die, a child will take away your future, hopes, and dreams when they go. Thank you again for the kind words.

  • This post is deleted!

  • AMCIIpam, my deepest sympathies. Your angel baby is beautiful, thank you for sharing him with us. I'm so very sorry for your loss, and for your ongoing tears, I look at him and see the utter perfection of his being and his spirit and mourn his passing with you, however inadequately. I never had children, but being a Virgo also and knowing how much we care for the ones we care for, I can only imagine the depths of your grief.

    A friend gave me a plaque for Yule which reads: "To be loved is to live forever in someone's heart." He came to you for a reason, to teach you a lesson about the permanence of love, and it's ability to transcend form, and time, and even loss. Perhaps to show you how much he loved you, to let you know that you're worthy of such a love, and that you now need to love yourself just as much as he did, in order to survive him and go on. It's a bittersweet lesson, and carrying his memory forth will be the hardest thing, but I think that it's what he wants you to do. He was your baby, but you still have the rest of your family, and they're hurting too, and need you just as much. Please try to be strong for them, and for yourself, AND for him. Knowing him changed you forever, but LeoVirgo is right, he hasn't left you, and he never will. That beautiful little boy was and is your angel, and he's watching over you. Please believe that.

    I hope that this brings you some small measure of peace, but know that you'll never be the same, he came and went so that you could grow and evolve. Time doesn't heal, it just distances us from the pain, but if we're lucky it gives us the space to rekindle our love into the flame in the heart that we need, to even begin to approach healing and being whole again. Please take good care of yourself as you try to find, then nurture, that spark.

    Love & Hugs,


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