Attention Virgos - Please Help

  • Hello, Sable31!

    I understand it's hard to concentrate sometimes when you have ADHD, but you can always start meditating when you are still in bed in the morning or going to sleep in the evening. That would ease you into the practice of meditation & it helps a lot.

    As for meeting new people: you don't have to join any group to go for a walk. Just go by yourself & enjoy the beautiful day. That will bring smile on your face, the real genuine smile. Also when strangers smile to you, smile back at them - it's the simplest human interaction & it doesn't cost anything. I'm not sure what area you live in, but everywhere in the country they have lots of free events going on every week. Those are great places to meet people. You can quickly find out what's going on online.

    Plus think about the good things in your life & be appreciative of them. I also think it's very helpful to have a "Happy place" in your mind where you can go to when you feel sad. This "happy place" could be as far back as your childhood: it's a time when you were truly happy by yourself. It helps a lot to meditate & go to this "happy place" when you're stressed out.

    So, please, give these things a try & you'll feel better.

    Wishing your the best of luck & prosperity!

  • Hello all,

    it's been a while since I checked back to this forum, THANK YOU for all the great comments and ideas. I hope to impliment a lot of them in the future- I know I/we tend to get sidetracked, but must make that effort, right? :] I'm happy to report that my attitude about stuff has been more positive since I last wrote, I am trying to be nicer to myself, not so judgemental, and clearing my mind with frequent walks. I tend to want it all "right now" so I am reminding myself to take baby steps. Keep in touch!

  • Hi everyone--I have enjoyed reading everyone's stories and suggestions to help us all thru this challenging time...I am glad that we are able to help each other, that's a typical virgo thing, huh? I've always been confused when I read negative descriptions of virgos, because the ones I know are great people. So I've got a few planets in Virgo- the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto which makes me very Virgo, but geez my house is a mess. LOL I am envious of those who can keep their houses so well organized. Perhaps Saturn will help me with that. I wanted to share with everyone that during the past 3 months I have started swimming as a way to relieve stress and to help me sleep. This has been the best thing for me, I sleep like a baby and feel so much better. I started out swimming just a few laps, then 20 laps, then 40 laps and now I am swimming 72 laps, which is a mile! I never knew I would be able to swim a mile-when I first started, I was so out of breath after just 2 laps! So I am a big believer in the benefits of exercise, any form of exercise. I hope everyone out there is feeling good and being strong and holding on until October 29th 🙂 Soon we can all breathe a big sigh of relief, and hope that our Libra friends won't have it so bad when Saturn goes to visit them. Peace, Donna

  • I totally agree with what I've read about the importance of being kind to ourselves. I have been told all throughout my life, that I am too hard on myself. I am learning to be more forgiving and patient towards myself and to laugh at myself when I hear that critical, judgmental voice from within ...This might sound funny, but when I notice that I'm being hard on myself, I try to say to myself, Wait a minute, now I sound like Judge Judy. That always makes me laugh 🙂 "Hello Judge Judy!" Sending love to everyone-Donna

  • I LOVE VIRGOS ! ! !

  • I too am a virgo and I can understand and relate to everything that every one of you have been saying. I've been through health,work emotional and anyother stress that is out there. I too beleive that you must look for the good in every one and every thing but have now come to realize that people always expect to look to me for a shoulder to lean on and that is the same thing that I am looking for.

    Good Luck to all Virgo's

    Hopefully this too shall pass.

  • I too am a Virgo and it has been an awful year so far. My fiancee (also a Virgo)and I have split up yet again, the third or fourth time this year, this time due to him having health related issued, that he feels are not fair to me to live with. Lord help me !! The finances tanked early on this year, I was our sole support for a few months, while he recouperated from surgery, he had issues with that(financial ones). Then it was my turn to tank financially. Then our relationship tanked again, I am so frustrated this year really suxs.

  • okay, i've just read the first page of this so far, but OH MY GOD.

    i'm a sagittarius, but someone i really care about is a virgo, and he has had the hardest time recently

    he has really sad, messed-up family issues, and even though he keeps trying to get his life together, things always seem to keep spiraling downwards for him

    i think he's always had the family problems, but in the summer of 2007 he was put on probation, and towards may of 2008, things really started to get worse for him

    he's been in juvie now since july 2008- he's spent two birthday's in there

    i just hope that things will get better for him, and he will be able to get his life together, like he always tries to...

    and he's the nicest kid. you wouldn't expect that considering all the pain, violence and anger he's been exposed to throughout his life; but he's just managed to hold on to that bit of goodness and love...

    i really hope that you all pull through

    and every day i hope that he will be free again soon, healthy, happy, safe, and always loved...

  • From what I have read and from other sources, we Virgos are near the end of the garbage. We WILL have a bit of it in 2010 again but we are through the worst of it as of October!

    Early born Virgos are already feeling the lessening.

    Here is something I found:

    Saturn and Uranus first opposed one another on November 4, 2008, then this year on February 5, and will now on September 15. Next year they will meet again on April 26 and on July 26, 2010. After that, Saturn and Uranus will not oppose one another again until 2056.

    The sensational news is that Saturn will leave Virgo on October 20, bringing you instant relief. Saturn will be back for a brief 14-week stay from April 7 to July 21, 2010, but after that, you'll done with him, and he has been a big source of your tensions.

    After Saturn leaves in July 2010, Saturn won't be back to Virgo until 2036. If you were born September 14 to 22, you are feeling the direct rays of Saturn now, and chances are, you are nodding and thinking, "You can say that again!" It is unlikely that things would get any tougher. You are in the thick of things now.

  • Hi Sable,

    Thank God we are nearing the end of this cycle...Whoo hoo!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I had posted good news here but it seems to have been deleted. I wonder if it was because I posted the link for the full info with it and it was not a link?

    Anyway, I shall get the info up again soon. Looking now for it.

    And will post it without any link to it .

  • Now that you've coped with the many challenges that Saturn has thrown your way over the past two years, you're ready to receive your reward. Saturn never sends his gifts DURING his tour, but always leaves a gift by the door AFTER he leaves. You may receive it in November or December, or it may arrive a bit later, in six months. Your gift may be material or spiritual, but when it arrives, you'll know for sure that it's Saturn's way of saying thanks for dealing with his rigors. You earned it and you will have every right to enjoy it. The harder you worked, the greater the reward will be, and it will be directly related to something you struggled with. You won't have to scratch your head and wonder when it arrives if this is your reward - you will know when it comes.

  • That was the item I posted BEFORE and was deleted.

    NOW... since then and today, after feeling like things were going to get better and started feeling optimistic about the lessening of pain to come...

    My uncle died three days ago.

    I was close to him and he would help me out Financially now and then too. I have this grieving now on top of all the other emotional relationship pain from the past two years to deal with. Financial situation is now worse too as a result.

    I am all alone and realized that this is the 5th death in the family where I have been left alone to deal with my grief with no hugs or shoulder to lean or cry on.

    In my pain and grief upon learning of my uncle's passing, I only wanted to talk to the one I love... and I contacted the man that hurt me. He gave his condolences and I have not heard from him since. He could not even be a friend to me like he wants to be (what he said he wants is friendship).

    Now I doubt highly that there will be any "gift" from Saturn left by the door for me as the above post I left says.

  • Hi Sable,

    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle. Sometimes I think there is nothing else you can do, but go through the grief process. Which seems to involve feeling really awful until you are done feeling awful, and then start feeling better...I can relate-for me, the past two years have been one grief cycle after another. My grandmother, who helped to raise me, died last year. Also in 2008, I lost custody of my children who I raised single-handedly for the last 13 years, to their abusive father. I have gone to court 10 times in the last year, fighting a losing battle. Luckily I have had the support of some great people, who I have also annoyed at times, by being self absorbed in my grief. But that's okay, I had to process my feelings and my pain. I have often struggled to find things to be grateful for. I have prayed alot more. I have gone on long walks and swims. I have cried buckets of tears. I'm still here. I hope that you can give yourself time to grieve and feel your pain and come out the other side, feeling better. I don't know what the future holds, but I do know that things always change. Hold on, and believe me I am doing the same 🙂



  • Oh GOD! I hope so! I am a Virgo as well. I'vw been having a terrible time with the person who I thought was my "soul mate"...he is an alcoholic and habitual liar...and just when I think things are ok, it starts up again! I've finally decided to cut ties with him, but he's not taking it lightly. The guilt I feel has been ENDLESS and I feel like, at this point, I'll never stop hurting emotionally!

  • Karneg....isn't it so like a Virgo to feel guilty about decisions that, ultimately, are best for us? I've been there...but you can't be everyone's savior. Obviously I don't know all the details about your problem, but if this person really cared about the toll that the alcohol/lying was taking on your relationship, then I think he would be trying to stop all of that. The pain will go away but it takes time. And then you'll realize that you deserve so much better than someone like that. You can't save 'em all lol... 🙂

  • I too have had a hard time . But..I have had many blessings also..Thank You for sharing that info with all of us. You made my day. I wish you enough ..Virgo911

  • hi, my name is Jen and I'm a Massage Therapist.

    Believe it or not, Massage Therapy is alot more technical and medical than you think. Contrary to a common notaion in our society about massage, it is an ancient healing art and not a sexual service. There are many benefits.

    Massage serves as preventative maintenance in your overall healthy lifestyle by restoring metabolic balance, promoting circulation of the blood and lymph, regulating the nervous system, and improving relaxation on all levels. Massage has been shown to relieve headaches and migraines, improve joint range of motion and flexibility, strengthens the immune system and recovery time for injuries to soft tissue, as well as post-operative rehabilitaion.

    Make sure to mention any medical conditions you have been diagnosed with, as it may be a contraindication to a certain type of massage.

    Very often, as the body releases tension during a massage, the mind will release emotion. Many fall asleep during a session, an indication that the body and mind are releasing stress and tension.A good therapist is sensitive to your responses when areas of pain or tension are found and will assist you accordingly.

    Enjoy the beneficial experience of a practice that will be the begining of the best possible health and relaxation! plus it's much cheaper than surgery or medication.

  • I am answering the first post that the starter of the thread had written:

    Listen, although I dont believe you will: It has nothing to do with your Virgo sign, it has to do with you yourself.

    Nevertheless, our problems come from somewhere. Because we focus on problems, they stay. As a wonderful answer to your prayer, the problems continue to stay until you are ready to release them, until you are ready to let them go, until you are ready to surrender them to Joy, Happiness, Peace and that mighty power that is with us all the time. So I do not believe that the sign that we are born in decide for us that we should be in turmoil. No, the problem arises from ourselves, and will stay until we let them go. Dont let worries and focusing on what you do not want rule your life. Let your own positive thinking be with you as you pray to God for salvation.

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