Attention Virgos - Please Help

  • Someone please tell me what is going on with Virgos. Since May 2008 til now it has been one of the most difficult periods of my life. As well as my twin sister. Health issues prevail. What are the lessons we are suppose to learn? How long is this sad and horrible cycle going to last?

    When will my Twin recover? When will we feel some form of peace and joy? When will we be able to move on and enjoy life?

    I really would be grateful for any astrological guidance or advice.

    Thank you !

  • I'm a Virgo, I've been going thru the same thing. I will just keep plugging along until I look back and all of this will be my past.

  • Hi AuthorityAngel!

    Thanks for a reply. So you are feeling the way we are. I did not go into much detail. This time frame May 2008 and continuing now brings us no rest. It is one roadblock after another. My biggest concern is my twin sister's health. She has been juvenile diabetic for 48 years and their have been major life changing events due to complications from juvenile diabetes. Things just don't seem right, peaceful or joyful.

    Hope for better days ahead for you and my family.

    Take care.

  • Hi Ann-I agree, I'm a Virgo, have had a stressful time for the last 18 months...I am trying to hold on and wait for things to smooth out. I know that Saturn is in Virgo and everything I read talks about going through difficulties and trials. I have gone literally through a trial-- have been dragged in to court for the last 18 months by an abusive and sociopathic ex....So, you're not alone and maybe the difficulties will make all of us Virgos stronger. Although, personally I feel strong enough and am tired of the life lessons 🙂 Take Care and hang in there

  • Thanks Donna. I am sorry you are going through your own crisis. I do not know anything about Saturn being in Virgo. I will try to research the meaning behind this occurence. I hope and pray for a more joyful and tranquil time in our lives.

    I wiish someone who is an Astrologist would give us some guidance and facts.

    Take care of yourself.

  • Make room in the boat for me too please. . . I have put things into motion to really shake things up (going back to school) financially it will be rough but this is something I want to do and I will benefit 100% at the end.

    Things have to get better don't they???

  • I too am going through rough times since 2008. People tell me "well it can only get better then!" and that is what I said in 2008, but 2009 has been even worse!

    A lot of my friends of different signs are really having rough times too. Yet I seem to be having more of the relationship, financial, depression, health scares kind of issues.

    I used to think that when the new year comes then things will get better. I have no illusions of that anymore.

    I have no hope anymore for the future.

    The last straw broke this past month and I even wished for death. I wished for the guts to take my life. That is how bad it has been and is still for me.

    My birthday is aug 31 1963 and I have known physical pain my whole life and topped off with emotional pain almost my entire life.

    I never met "the one" for me and get so tired of others telling me "when you are not looking that is when it will happen" "you need to love yourself first" "there is someone for everyone" "you will find love"

    I have followed and believed that my entire life, and it did me no good.

    tired of having my heart broken, tired of physical, emotional, mental pain, and tired of being dirt poor.

    I keep trying to make changes in my life to get out of my financial state, it never works out for me. I have done years of work on my own emotional well being, mentally, and I still get garbage. I have followed the premise that what you do comes back to you, sending nothing but love, care, concern, help, friendship out to the universe and others and I get back lies, cheaters, used, and ignored when I need help.

    2008 and 2009 have been hell.

    If it escalates in 2010... I do not know how long I will be able to hang in there. I am sick of this life. making changes has only brought me more pain.

  • Hey Virgo women, Leo here, been thru the same thing you gals are going thru. SATURN has been in your sign since September of 2007. Read up on Saturn, it's a challenger and you be relieved to know that Saturn will leave your sign ion October the 29th and not return for thirty years/ He make's you suffer thru some hard times but your agony will soon be over.

    Been there, had that!! a leo 2005 t0 2007

  • Hi fellow Virgos, I'm sorry to hear about everyone having to deal with so much stuff. I have learned alot by reading about Saturn in Virgo. I just googled it and found several articles describing what to expect during this time. I am posting some of the info I have found and sending good thoughts to everyone. Hope it helps 🙂

    ***Sable, I am sorry to hear that you have gone through alot of pain. I really hope it gets better for you. Do you have someone you can talk to, like a counselor? If you are suffering, please find some help and take care of yourself. I have been seeing a counselor, for a few months and it's helped me ALOT -the world needs us Virgos and we have to take care of ourselves, especially now. Hang in there !!!

    Here is some info I've found online about Saturn in Virgo:

    Saturn will be in Virgo September 2, 2007-October 29, 2009 and April 7, 2010-July 21, 2010

    Saturn will be in Libra October 29, 2009-April 7, 2010 and from July 21, 2010-October 5, 2012

    For a Virgo, the next couple of years bring more responsibility, obligations, limitations to what you have the freedom to do and what you must do. You may need to deal with health issues, and this would be a great time to begin a diet, improve your health, etc.

    The downsides of Saturn in Virgo are criticism, worry and perfectionism. We want to get our act together, but not too together. Some folks will put off even starting to do the work it will take to achieve their heart’s desire, because of the fear that it’s too big, it will take too long, or the result won’t be good enough. Don’t be one of these folks. Just get something down on paper. Perfect or not. You have to start somewhere. Then you can nip, tuck, edit, revise, and perfect your ability as Saturn moves through Virgo. Study the how’s, the why’s, the details. Ask for constructive (Saturn) criticism (Virgo). Even if it hits you a little harshly (Saturn’s character is not gentle), it can be quite helpful if you are willing to put your ego aside and take the essence of it to heart. But don’t let destructive criticism stop you in your tracks. Some people have their own stuff going on that makes them lash out at others in a mean way. Don’t let it get to you.

    If you’re a Virgo native or have planets in Virgo in your birth chart, this two year period is a heavy time for you. This is a growth period which requires great self discipline. You work for what you get, and you get what you work for. Some of you Virgos work too hard in the first place— and Saturn will help you to become answerable to a truer set of priorities, to stop wasting time on unimportant details, to stop doing others’ work instead of or in addition to your own. You are only human, and your guts will remind you. (Virgos tend to have delicate digestive systems.) In her book Modern Transits, Lois Rodden writes: “The order, sanity, and stability of our lives come from the methodical patience of Saturn, and from its lesson we learn to have the enduring calm that comes from inner strength.” Trust your gut, Virgo, for it is the most sensitive part of your body and will literally tell you when something is up.

  • Hello,

    New member to the site, it's really cool. I too am a Virgo who is facing many difficulties. I am trying to remember when I haven't though? My problem is that I am in a rut. I have tried so hard to stay in a spiritual state of mind. At times I am able to feel my higher powers inspiration coming through, but I loose it quickly and end back in the rut of everyday negativities. I am very critical of myself, so it's very hard feeling as if I'm stuck. My soul tells me I must have faith, I want it! I just can't seem to keep it or even find it.

    (side note- to Sabel31 ) I am subject to depression and have just come out of a really bad mental state through the help of anti-depressents. Not saying its for everyone, but it did help me. I know how you are feeling, but It just may be a brain chemical thing, hang in there!!!

    Anyway, any advice as to how I might get in touch with my higher self? I really need to make some changes and move on. Thanks all.

  • I am so sorry you are having such a rough time. It is true we get back what we put out, but I do not believe that is the totality of it. Virgos are such perfectionist I believe we have a hard time giving ourselves a break. As a virgo it has been hard to love myself because I am my own worst critic. Truly loving and caring for ourselves is a key to attracting someone who will adore us. We all have subconscious belief that bring us difficulty. I have had many relationships that have ended because the guy(s) have cheated on me. On one hand I want to believe that Mr. right is out there for me but on the other hand it is hard not to look at men as lying cheating dogs. These two conflict with each other and until I can get that belief out of my head then I will continue to attract those kind of men. I believe it is that way with everything. You may feel like you have been given a bum wrap but we do create our own reality. That is hard to swallow but in turn can be a wonderful blessing. Holding onto attachments and expectations of "how things are suppose to be" create issues too. If we can be at peace with things as they are we do ourselves a great favor. Some things that might be helpful for you is Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life, Esther and Jerry Hicks "law of Attraction series and Joe Vitale on Attracting Wealth. I believe you have a long road ahead of you before things look up. That I know will not be comforting, but I am not one to sugar coat. However, if you make some small changes day to day it will not seem so devastating and hopeless. Have faith that the informationa and people you need will come your way and you will look back on this time as something that made you stronger and you will be happy you did not end it all......peace and love

  • Dear fellow Virgos!

    I came across this forum today & decided that I have to contribute. I was born on the cusp of Virgo & Libra on 09/21/67, so I feel that both Virgo & Libra influence my life. I can definitely see that all the troubles started in September 2007, got worse around May 2008 & even worse in January 2009. It's been a very trying, difficult period in my life: I lost my job, had my heart broken by my boyfriend of 13 years still having lots of financial issues to deal with. But despite all this bad things that happened, I stay optimistic about my future because I believe in myself & know that there are better things in store for me. It has been very hard to get myself out of depression that hit me very hard from January through April 2009. But then one day I realized that I have to stop feeling sorry for myself, get out of the house & meet new people, because world is full of good people & you have to believe it! You need to open your heart to the possibility of new beginnings, new Love & it will happen! Yes, it's hard to recover from the broken heart, but it's possible: you just have to know what & who you wish for & it will come true...Sure, Saturn transit is an unpleasant time, but it also has it's benefits: it shows us who our true friends are, if our Lover/Partner is the right one for us, if we are at the right place career wise, etc. I think Saturn is a true eye-opener for all the issues/imperfections in our lives. It brings to surface everything that needs to be resolved & the results will work out for the best even though it may not seem that way originally. So hang in there, dear Virgos! There is a light at the end of the tunnel & you'll see positive results in your life very soon. Just keep up the Hope!

  • Thanks for your post Donna!

  • Wow Everyone....I Thought It Was Just Me !! (Ann1954/Sable31/Hadiel/Stella)..I can relate with all of you...I can see eye to eye with each of you...and can say that i too know how hard the road has much suffering and sadness I've had...the amount of loss I've felt...and its like I keep walking in this perpetual circle. It all began around Sept.2007 and just like all of you .... it continues....I thought this year would get better...I really made so many great strides over this past year. It took a lot of internal reflection and discovery but I felt that I was getting myself above the water..slowly but surely. Yeah there were still bumps and setbacks a long the way....but it was a far cry from where I had been in the beginning of Jan.'08 up until July/Aug '08. Then "Bang"...just when I thought I began to finally see the light....It "Blindsided" me...It has quite honestly taken my breath away....diminished my spirit....has made me feel like I am not deserving of a break....of a moment in peace...."NOTHING" !! I'm at my wits end at this point....and just trying to salvage the little dignity I have left in really is quite alarming...cause I have looked and worked...and confronted myself in so many ways...but no matter what work I do and what I may comes back to me feeling that it wasn't ever right..(I don't really know how to put into words the feeling it makes me feel) !! So I like all of you....most certainly "Look Forward To Brighter Days Ahead" !!

    (Donna95747) thanks for your research and insight into - Saturn in Virgo - mentioned that Native Virgo's would be going through a much more difficult time...& because of your insight.....I can see now...why my days feel numbered at to have humor even in hard times) b/c my SUN - MOON - & SATURN are (ALL IN VIRGO) !!! Anyway...thanks everyone for sharing your stories.....they all have been most helpful to me and I am glad that I have others that can actually relate to and understand what I have been feeling and going through..!! I wish all of you Love & Clarity and many Thanks 😉 !!

  • oh thank GOD!! I cant handle much more! it has gotten worse for me since I posted last!! SO happy to know that October 29 is a day to breathe again! thank you for telling us this Leo!

  • thank you to: donna95747, ttdish, Hadiel, stella21, for your research and kind words and words of hope.

    I am hanging in there, and I hope that it is right, that Oct 29 is a day when life, circumstances, other people, will stop battering the Virgo's.

    I know other signs have had it really rough this year, friends included, and yet they seem to be having less than I to deal with. They are also handling it better emotionally than I.

    Had my birthday yesterday and it was the saddest, most depressing one. Last year was awful too but this year, sucked big time. :0(

  • Dear Sable31, Harmony1143 & all the other Virgos going through these trying times!

    I absolutely feel your pain!!! I have 3 planets in Virgo: Sun, Uranus & Pluto & Saturn transit is affecting all of them. I've been looking for a new job for the last 6 months & still haven't found it.

    But I know in my heart that it will all be over soon & I'll have my dream job & my finances will improve, because EVERYTHING HAS TO GET BETTER!!! I found several things really helpful:

    meditation, yoga & going for a walk to the ocean or park - it really helps to clear up your mind of negative thoughts. Of course, getting together with your true friends is tremendous help as well. Friends who are still there for you at this difficult time will always give your a helping hand. And the ones who let you down never been your true friends... Saturn transit is a lot about revealing the true nature of things & sometimes it gets ugly beyond belief. Just don't give up!

    I know that it's very hard for us Virgos to control our emotions, but it can be done. Do positive things every day! Do several nice things for yourself every day. And don't forget to smile!!! Wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror & give yourself the most beautiful smile - trust me, it will put you in the better mood for the rest of the day. And keep smiling to the strangers you meet - smile is worth a thousand words! Smiling even when you are sad brings positive energy in your life...And then October 30 we can all celebrate our birthdays again! IT WILL ALL GET BETTER!!!

  • Hi donna95747, thank you for your post! gives me some hope!

    I see that Saturn will be going into Libra when it is finished putting we Virgos through the wringer. Does this mean that Libra's will be going through the same awful times we have just been through?

    I know a Libra who is already going through hell for the past 8 months. If things get worse then that Libra will end up in hospital for a psychological breakdown. Already has had breakdowns, on meds, lost job due to it, counseling.

    Concerned for my friend. SO GLAD it will be leaving our sign Virgo and wont be back for a long time, but do not wish this horrible time on anyone!

    Thank you for your advice and concern. I have got some counsel, getting a little more now too. It has been hard just to get that! Trying to cope day by day.

  • thanks Stella21!!

    I have tried to meditate a few times. I find it so difficult!!

    I have ADHD and the hyper part for me is not my body, it is my mind.

    so very hard to keep it focused on one thing.

    ah yes, true friends.... I no longer have friends... I have acquaintances now. I do find it hard to make friends, social life is 0 as many things to do cost money, even joining a walking group to walk in a free area cost money! sheesh!

    I had just read a scientific report that I saw on msn web page, about a week or two ago.. it said that even if you do not feel the smile, meaning if you are sad or angry etc, but force those muscles into a smile, it really does physical improvement to the body. Tried to find it again and can't. Anyway, I am not happy, but forcing the muscles to make one. It does not make me feel better yet. Just a smile, never reaches my eyes or spirit though :0(

    I find it interesting that all the About Virgo articles I have read for the past 30 some years have Virgos as being too unemotional, more of the analysis type. I do analyze but I am a mass of deep emotions.

  • Wow! Not that it makes me feel any better, but I am glad to know that I have found others to relate to. I am so sorry that we are all going through these life challenges. I have been blaming all of my troubles on everything from poor choices to generational curses. I can't seem to take it anymore though. I love to stay in shape, and look my best, and my drive has been so low lately. Nothing is really penetrating my, I don't really care about much. I want to get out of this feeling before I loose everything that I have worked for. I to have set some projects in motion. School is a must! I just hope that I have the energy. I suffer from low blood deficiency, and that does not make it any better. We as Virgo's are sensitive, but strong. I hope that everyone can land on there feet after this cycle.

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