I want me and my love to get back together. Pisces & Leo

  • I miss him so much. Everyday. We stopped talking again at the beginning of May.

    I want to know if we will ever get back together? He is the love of my life.

    My DOB: 3/8/83

    His: 8/17/1983

    Also will I find a job?

  • Hi Willow

    Like you am I in´the know of how much one can love. Like you i have asked and asked. I have even nagged so bad that quite a few shy from me when i post rarely yet again.

    What we forget is the power of free will. I can´t nor can you or any reader say what you most wish want to hear. I know how badly you want to hear read yes he will return to you. However under the power of free will no one can say with finality.

    i do hear "time will show" which means you need to be patient and let time work for you. In the meantime find things works hobbies that will increase your being busy time. That way will this thought pattern not make you crazy.

    Your guides warn you to go to extremes such as putting out a spell on him or anything voodoo like. They either work in sense they back fire. I feel sense you are thinking if such will help him to move along your way.

    here i ask you as does ur guides. If you love spell him, how will you fully know he returns to you for you and you alone or because you bespelled him?

    i pray you get your wish, i truely do. Keep in mind free will is at play here more than our wants,

    As for work, consider an aprenticeship to show your skills, workethics and more. It may be that is a route that will get you hired full time. Other than that having been unemployed myself is that getting a job a lottery. Soemtimes you win other times you loose.

    I say if you want a job bad, get an aprenticeship place and work your butt off so they cannot do anything else but hire you permenently.

    luck all around


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