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  • ah it's been such a long time since i've been on this forum. glad to see there are still kind people here who are willing to help others with their troubles.

    i've a reading request, i'd really appreciate if anyone could give me some insight..

    it's about love and relationships (isn't it always? 🙂 ) i've been having bad luck with relationships for quite some time. either they fall apart before they even start, or i can't connect with men who are really into me and would be good to me. i didn't care about it for a long time, thinking that i would eventually meet someone i really like but now i've started to feel like maybe i should change my atitude about the whole thing. i'd really appreciate it if any of you could ask the cards for me about my situation and future relationship-wise.

    thank you so much in advance!

  • cylll,

    Here is a pickup of your feelings, hopefully it helps you see from a different perspective.

    Your feeling gossipy and not seeing the big picture... like looking with blinders on

    your not feeling that things are fair, but also you haven’t been nice or judgmental... need to be softer

    don’t be prideful

    Your disappointed and anxious

    something happened that you weren’t aware of and it made you indecisive

    you have more than one thing going on, and they conflict...fights or quarreling happen because of it

    its not going to make you happy and also fight depression

    you have been worrying about someone you trust...and moodiness

    I’m picking up on jealousness

    you have the power to control and triumph, you need to set your mind and work toward a goal

    and someone is going to help talk to you...good advice...listen...

    you had a few strong cards there, things that you need to deal with. Some of it is a mindset, look at it as why you are feeling that way. It is up to you to set your goal because you can change it if you want too. Hope that helps,


  • thank you so much for your reading.

    while i appreciate it deeply, my question was more specific and romance related. could you do one about that if possible? thanks so much anyway 🙂

  • your welcome, I hope you weren't offended. Some of your reading could be taken a little tough. It wasn't meant that way, when I do a reading its a picking up of your feelings. Some of it does deal with the romance part. About how you are feeling and how you are thinking. That affects how you act and how people perceive you. It's always good to look in the mirror sometimes and see from a different perspective, that’s what I try and give. Part of it is just me because I believe you have to look at yourself and your choices before you can look at others and how they look at you.

    Hope everything works out for you,


  • oh no, i wasn't offended at all! and your reading weren't off the mark either 🙂 it's just that i'd like to see how the forces outside me affect me, as well.

    thanks again!

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