Blmoon, can you give me a reading?

  • hi blmoon, i was wondering if you can give me a reading, i know you have a lot of other requests i am very patient. right now i am at a pretty low point, a month ago my father passed suddenly. we hadn't talked for a week prior to him being found, and i do believe it was suicide but am unable to really get closure. he did have an issue with drugs throughout his life and drugs were found at his place (a huge surprise for us because we thought he had been clean for years), i believe it was suicide because he was severely depressed and was on multiple depression and anxiety medications..he talked me almost daily leading up to his death about how tired he was and how he just wanted to end the pain he was going through. it was excruitating to deal with his depression with him, i was the only one from the family he confided in, i tried everything i could to improve his mood. my family dosent understand a lot of it because he didnt tell them, in a lot of ways our roles were reversed and i played the parent. in the aftermath of his death i am feeling profoundly alone, my family is not very close and i have had little support. meanwhile due to the funeral my finances have taken a major hit, my career (unrelated to the funeral) has taken a major hit, it feels like everything is falling apart and i feel very lost. i am a very resilient person, and will never give up on my hopes and dreams, but right now im struggling to find hope for the future. is there any insight or guidance you could provide me? what do i need to be prepared for? i understand that life is an ebb and flow of good times and bad ones, but now i am at a low point and need help in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. thanks for your time.

  • my post disapeared! and now my virus protector keeps saying this page is a threat. Try posting again on a new page--I did have an answer.

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