Help With Chronic Sleep Issues

  • For some time now, I've been having trouble with sleeping too much. The doctors I've seen usually try to pin it on an infection or depression. But, I get the feeling that it's a separate disorder. I try to sleep less, but when I get up, I feel really spacey and out of it. I worry about what kind of job I can do because it's hard to figure out when I'll be awake. And staying on a regular schedule is difficult. Hope someone can help figure this out. Thanks!

  • You are not breathing at night!!! Is your mouth desert dry in the morning?

  • Yes, it is! So, it may be sleep apnea? What bothers me is that I've had sleep issues for awhile, but they've gotten worse recently.No one has taken them seriously.

  • It can be very seriouse! My husband and one son has sleep apnea. It destys the heart muscle. The person who has it s unaware hey stop breathing. They just fel very tired from low oxegon levels and another symptom is axiety or panic attacks because when you stop breathing your body dups adrenaline and once it is in your blood stream it ca cause panic during the day. I had a son die off a massive heartattack at 32 and he had started snoring and gasping---I told him he had sleep apnea but he thught I as being over concerned. Myhusband always snored but what was different was I noticed he would start gasping--sucking in deep but I could see he was not getting air---I could see his chest sink in. Iwould wake him up and tell him--you are not breathing but he kept saying I was crazy cos h felt fine BUT he was getting very tired and started looking pale almost grayish and had anxiety attacks. He finally agreed tthe test--it's a one night stay in the hospital and he was shocked when they told him how many times an hourhe stopped breathing and how low his oxegon level was. He uses a c-pack at nigt and it made an immediate iprovement and his skin looked pink right away. Another possability is allergies. I am allergic to dust mold weeds and dustmites and if my room or house is too dusty or the pollen is badI will wake up with leather dry outh-this means you stopped getting air through your nose so you are gasping through the mouth. I have a honey well air cleaner in my bedroom--it doesn't ned replacement filters you just rinse when full. I also keep my bedroom dust free and wash linens often. A good way to tell if it's allergies is to use a nose spray for a few nigts befor bed and see f you feel better. If you have insuraneconsider the sleep test. Sleep apnea is very seriouse and can kill you. I just am very positive you are not breathing at night. I know what you mean about being taken seriousely, the number one female complaint from female patience is being tired so I think docs tend to go hohum another tired lady. Follow your intuition. There is somethin wrong. Another test if it's oxegen levels too low is to try and do some heav breathing excercise everyday and if you feel better than you know your body is starved for oxegon. But I am getting that thisIS the problem. You are no breathing at night. BLESINGS!


  • Thanks! Don't worry about the typos. I'm not sure whether or not my insurance covers a sleep test. It's been hard to get the right kind of tests ordered, since being tired is such a common complaint. It may be a good idea to switch doctors, also. I've been seeing the same one for awhile. I've told him that I get enough sleep but still feel tired. Ironically, fatigue can be a symptom of anxiety. I've also been diagnosed with that. It seems like doctors are quick to throw a mental health diagnosis at me without checking for physical health issues first. This can be dangerous because anxiety can often be a symptom of something being wrong physically. I've known that I've had allergies for awhile, but didn't realize they were causing such a serious problem.

  • It makes a big difference not only heart wise but just being coherent. I had it bad. When I took the test I scared the guy and he woke me up. He couldn't watch me anymore, if you are gasping for air or like I was or stopped breathing for more then I think it was 40 or more seconds at a time...then trying to breath it stresses the body out. I would wake up from a full night sleep ready to go back to bed. It's not the same kind of tired as let’s say Epstein bar...had that too. That one was you can't stay awake, I used to sleep for almost three days when I got sick or run down. I was able to have my tonsil and adenoids out as an outpatient... hemorrhage and then they had to admit me. So insurance paid but I had decent coverage at the time. Insurance does like preventive solutions so check it out. Not falling asleep anymore while driving is a big plus....

  • Insurance should cover a sleep test if a doctor orders it as it is serious. Tell your doctor you found out sleep apnea runs in your family!!

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