Does Anyone Else Experience This?

  • Hello Everybody,

    I'm posting this because I need to relate to somebody, I don't know anybody else that experiences things the way that I do and so I was curious if anyone else has felt in similar ways...also I'm questioning some things....Not doubting,but questioning my accuracy under certain circumstances.

    I was wondering if anybody here is good at reading aura's? I'm having some concerns about the accuracy of my ability to see colors(especially my own), that's why I mention it.

    Also, my other question is can "you" whoever you may be 😃 feel other people's aura's?

    Do you ever get the shivers when you come in contact with another person's energy/aura?

    When someone steps into my aura space it's very intense and physical for me. I can feel someone's energy from a foot away sometimes and I'll have a physical reaction to it, like I'll step away from it or it's like I hit a cobweb or something (imagine how I must look to other people, lol)

    Anyway, it would be nice to have someone to relate to is all.

    I don't talk about this experience with other people, expect with my husband who tries and is very sweet and understanding,but I think is a little hurt by my reaction(I shiver strongly) when he starts to hug me. =-(

    Thank You! Happiness and Sunshine to you all 🙂

  • You are an "empath" look it up for more info and it does have it's challanges and no it's best not shared for discussion. Folks will smile but think you are a little whacky. You will meet up with other empaths. The famouse doctor Judith Orloff is an empath and her books are awesome and deal with the issues you describe. Her website allows you to read from her books. My favourite book is EMOTIONAL her. I used to feel guilty because I love my husband and been married 42 years but have my own room. She said many empaths must have their own space to shake off the constant overload of energies they absorb. Empaths are often healers but they also feel the afliction of others. If I do a reading for someone with pain I may have pain for a few days. Also, it's easy to pick up others emotions and not know why you feel depressed when really it's not you---it's someone you got close to. I hate the mall--trips to the mall will often leave me exhausted or anxiouse later---an energy overload. You may have to bear this alone but just educate yourself and silently have boundries you do not have to explain. I prefer driving alone as being stuck in a car with others can be too much. My true friendships are people withe peaceful auras

    I avoid chaotic or angry folks. Also, certein buidings are hot spots--hospitals etc. Just know it is real. Read info by very reputable sources and do not try to get others to accept it. Auras are often not outright glowing colors but a KNOWING of the color--like I may see a person and my mind will hear--he looks grey---or you are aware someone is a healing aura---they glow. Everyone has their own method of sensing color aurus---not always visual but sometimes. BLESSINGS!!! PS--low energy folks WILL be drawn to you so you do need some skills or empaths get sick a lot and drained.

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Thank You for responding. ❤

    I hope I wasn't out of line in asking about this.

    Wow....I can relate to 90% of what you're saying. I probably don't have the greatest "empathic coping skills" though, which would explain a lot of what I go through, but knowledge is power. 🙂

    I will definitely look into the those books you suggested, THANK YOU for your advice and for your kindness.

    I'm glad you found ways to cope with the down sides of being empathic....You're inspiring.


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