Captain pls advice

  • i know my question would sound a bit immature and stupid,nevertheles here goes

    i have been living in thailand for last 2 years, i am well off and have a stable business in bangkok.i am 35 years old.met a thai girl on a dating website and have been talking to her for last 2 weeks online.shes a teacher and is very nice.i really liked her even before i met her and was considering starting a relation.i know its too fast for that.but there was some magic,but the magic only worked on one side i guess.

    i met her 2 days back for the first time and we had dinner together.the dinner went on very well.we both enjoyed it.she says i always make her smile and she enjoys my company.

    well after i came back from dinner i left a message saying that i am in love with shes upset and is asking me how can i think of such big words in just 2 weeks of knwoing her.i guess she doesnt belive me and shes angry and she said we can be friends,

    next day out of stupidity i send her a mail saying that i really love her,and its not possible to be her friend bcos it will just hurt me more.and i said its better if we not talk again.

    later i changed my mind and asked her to be my friend again,then we will see how it can be taken from there,and i told her if at some point of time after she know me better,she has some feeling for me,we can think about a relationship and if she doesnt feel anything ,we can still be friends.

    but now she is so supset that shes not even willing to be my friend.

    she says before she enjoyed my company so much,but after i said that she has lost all the good feeling.and shes adamant that she wont be my friend again bcos it was me who said first that i cant be her friend.and shes just following what i told her by not talking to me.

    now i conviced her somehow to talk to me ,and she says she cannot say anything about the future now ie,if she can be my friend or not,bcos now she dont care about me.i said i will wait till shes calm and i said i am sure she will come back to be my friend.and to that she said "dont wait" and said bye.

    so this is my situation.what do u advice?do u think she will be my friend again?i am sure if she comes back and be my friend i will be able to get this grow into a relation

    i was so stupid i moved too fast.she said she dont like impatient man,and that she would have thought of a relation only after knowing me a long time and that i have spoiled everything now

    pls advice

  • i am aquarius and shes aries

  • your advice is not only for me. It's helpful for all my friends

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