Dream Interpretation Please

  • I was walking in a house , I was in the living room in which no one was there at the time. I looked around and notice the furniture looked vintage, the color green was dominate. I sat down on a chair and Victoria Beckham walked into the room and I thought oh my maybe I should not be here. Her three boys came into the room and she greeted them and was happy and warm with them. They left and she sat down on the sofa and was quiet. I don't believe she knew I was there in which I am glad of that and do not understand why I would have a dream like this?


  • Who is in your life ( a female?) that you don't want to be there, who makes you feel like an outsider or uncomfortable in your own skin? Someone who you feel perhaps ignores you and gives more attention to other sin your family?

  • Hello Captain,

    There are several women that fit the bill. I really felt that your answer gave me something to ponder. Thank you for your response.

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