Quasi Relationships - Why do men play games? PLEASE HELP

  • Maybe someone can help me? Ive been in this on again/off again Quasi-relationship for 2 or 3 years and I was really feeling this girl. We could not see each other as often as Id like; but, that was mostly do to our scheduling routine. I really liked this girl & I thought it was mutual, she just didnt express his feelings much, I am more vocal and hot tempered.

    I know we ALL make mistrakes. No one is perfect. No one is greater the GOD, But, to make a long story short, I really thought "this is it, a step in the right direction & a brand new beginning" but now we've seemed to have lost touch. I dont know how to reach her to tell her WHAT I WANT. I just dont know what to do or how to fix this. And now I got women coming out the wood works! Funny. So many others are taking advantage of this situation and the conscious of mankind seems so, so sad...

    We havent spoken in a few weeks & everytime the phone rings, I just pretend and imagine that I am talking to her. But, mostly all of those different women are fake (LOL.. I guess maybe I must attrack, what we call UpNorTh,...the Mackettes, or the UnTamed LOUSy chicks. But, like most dudes, I stayed Non-chalant, Matter of fact, i Knew some women where like this a long time ago; but, I didnt decided to seek help until my BFF since the 1st grade became A Game Playettes of the dirty south

    So I guess my 911 questions is, Are thr any ladies out there looking 4a Good Man? Any sista who can STEP up? TRUTH be told, Ima fighter but aint got time for the GAMES. Can some roll by with the 411?

    I'm just asking...

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