Spiritual connection

  • i would like to hear about spiritual connections. what comes from this-- how you are effected--

    what the purpose is-- if there is anyone reading this who has expierenced this would like to hear about it. and lastly why does this happen??

  • jayjune,

    first of all, hello and peace be with you.

    there are always connections to all things, but when you have experienced spiritual connections that is one of the hardest things to understand and decipher. spiritual connections are what make us who and what we are. some can understand this, others do not. i would like to hear about your experience and help if i can.

  • Hi again, Jayjune. Nice to see your pixels. 🙂

    The most basic understanding can be had through the phrase, A reason, a season, or a lifetime. While all things are connected spiritually, the most profound of these connections feel like a homecoming. They are often healing, satisfying on a very deep level, you may feel deep excitement as well as perfect peace in the presence of this person. Overall, these connections can really shake your tree!

    People come together for a reason; something in particular they need to clear or do.

    a season, a length of time, such as a long term relationship, and some marriages and friendships

    or a lifetime; parents, children, twin flames, friendships, & soul mates who can go the distance.

    I wish we had the ability to chat privately here, in a sort of email environment! Who knows, perhaps T.c will offer it to us!

    Hope this very basic definition helfps. If you need a bit more, just post again with specifics.



  • well don't really know how to explain what has happened. i'll just tell you the plain truth and maybe it will make sense to you. . met, person on internet few months ago. wasn't looking for this he actually contacted me. we have chatted and exchanged e-mails. i haven't been able to walk away from this person and feels like an emotional rollercoaster!! very deep saddness

    why me?

  • thank you i did post a reply

  • For me, a spiritual connection is when a person comes into your life and you benefit from the person. You become a better person. They reinforce your basic core value or beliefs, but you learn something from them. Usually you become a stronger, spiritual person from them. Spiritual connections can take different forms also (spirit). For example, I pray. I know that God hears me and I know he will answer me.

    I feel in matters of love it is always better to get to know someone. It seems, if you don't, you deprive yourself.

  • jayjune, The person is in your life to show you something. Before your souls came to this reality, you both agreed to meeting and to experience this. That's the spiritual connection. Because you are experiencing a "sad" and "emotional roller coaster" ride with this person, it's definitely connected to your emotional self. Look at this person in light of what it is he/she does that is the worse part of knowing them. What personality traits or behaviors do you totally despise? Then, look at yourself. Where is it in you? That's what needs to be healed.

    Example, a friend of mine annoyed the heck out of me because they were always dreaming. I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that, but never followed through on anything. One day I realized that I had difficulties completing things and that's why this friend annoyed me so much. They never followed through on their dreams, I never followed through on my projects! And being self-employed that's a BIG problem! So I thanked the Universe for bringing this friend to me and made changes in my life. Guess what? The friend and I drifted apart because I no longer needed her reflection in my life.

    See how that works?

    By the way, if you can borrow or rent the movie, "What the Bleep" (and if you get the Rabbit Hole edition, make sure you watch the original that's on there first!). It explains this in a very fascinating way!

    Namaste, Debbie

  • thank you for your insight it makes sense.

  • i wonder if you feel a person is your soul mate/ twin flame do both parties feel this at the same time or can it be only one knows this before the other ? sorry sounds confusing--didn't word it very well but someone will understand my question lo!

  • I think that being soul-mates is a very powerful connection.

    This is the kind of thing that you just know...

    Meaning - Yes, both people should be able to feel this.

    If one person doesn't feel it, then you're not soul-mates...

    (It's completely logical... If person number 1 is a soul-mate of person number 2, then person number 2 must also be a soul-mate of person number 1)

    Tarot Symbols

  • Hi All, This is BabyBoo2, first time here, so if I mess up I apologize.

    I would love to better understand, things I see and things I hear. 2 days ago I saw a hand trying to give me a candy, and right away I knew it was my Mom but I couldn't see her. I could feel her presence but could not see her, I've been waiting for her to come for seven months.

    I am very sick with an illness that took 20 years to find, there is no cure. I would really like to talk to these people that come to me, speak to me, but don't appear. In July voices told me I will not be here for my next birthday, (July 2009) That does not scare me.

    What scares me is not being able to communicate with my visions. How do I invite them in, so they know they are not scaring me? I am hoping that I might talk to atleast one spirit or many before I go. I've had this power for many years but don't know how to develop it. I will listen to any and all suggestion on how to develop this power. Thank you!

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