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  • I asked this woman when I was going to meet someone....yes, the dreaded question ! And she said, when your heart opens. Ok. Love it. However, when is my heart going to open? Thoughts?

  • Hi peaches

    Hmmm interesting. youll meet someone when your heart is open. Or the other variety ive heard, when you have learn to love yourself love will find you.

    Well as a woman, when do we fully love ourselves i ask? rarely yes? hmmm the best i have heard is this,

    The second you stop looking for love it will show up. Ive found this to b true on some levels on others not so. Like finding the right job it is a dangling lottery. you win you loose.

    In end its all about free will. maybe we oughta ask, do we deep down want a guy in our lives? do we seriously wanna share ourt abode with a guy ? we have our routine will we need to vchange them as not to come across weird odd ? yea i know its kinda blarh but come one, we women hardly think positive about our personal routines.

    men may think oh thats so adorable so sweet so enchanting. but we wont know till we hear it.,

    finding a man is free will., free will to let them "score" us. free will on their side if they at all wanna date us n get ti know us.

    so i think you should look at your "how have i approached men thus far?" and then look at it why has it not worked issue. Then see how can i change it?

    ive found when i befriend men first and being the true charming goofy person i am i do better with men in general. And here is the thing.

    it aint the passion lust or love that makes it last it is the friendship, the mutual understanding of one another that makes anything worthwhile last.

    I hope my take Peaches makes some sense.,


  • Yes.. It does! I do wonder if I could deal with someone moving in....ughk! But dating wd b fun!

    Thank you


  • Yw Peaches

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