Don't know what to do here...would appreciate a reading if someone has time

  • Hi, I am wondering if someone could do a reading about a relationship situation that is troubling me lately. The man involved is separated from his wife, going through divorce. I know this is a bad time to be involved with anyone but it seems like we have so much potential. Get along great, love his company, very easy feelings when I'm with him and he seems happy when we're together. But I can't figure out if he really cares for me and wants to develop a more serious relationship once the divorce is final, or I am just a distraction during a tough time? We've been seeing each other since last fall, although not a lot because of complications with his divorce. He will say things at times that make me believe he wants more, then next thing you know he's not returning calls for a week or more, and sometimes he'll get very negative and say things like, he doesn't want to feel held back by anyone ever again (which I can't help but think he might mean me and a relationship, but it seems the wrong time to just outright ask). I'm feeling very emotional about him and I'm torn here. My head says get away until he's through the divorce, if he cares he'll be back, but my heart says "I care" and I want to be there for him during a tough time. A reading on the relationship in general would be appreciated. Trying to figure out if I should I stick around or walk away? Thanks for your help!

  • This guy's attention cannot be on you at the moment - you should back off until his head and heart are clear of his old life. If you pressure him now at this tough time, he will not thank you. Like the saying goes - "if you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was." Follow your head here. But you might just let him know that you want to pursue the relaitonship when he is on the other side of this divorce.

  • Well I'm not the only one here overlooking the obvious - maybe he shouldn't have extended his attention to me during his "tough time"? Lol. That's kind of why I was looking for a reading, to see if there was more here than meets the eye. But thank you for your time and thoughtful suggestions. Makes sense to let him know I'm interested when his life is less complicated. If he's sensible I expect he wouldn't interpret this as me bailing out on him during a tough time. Sometimes hard to know when to be there for people, and when to let them muddle through alone. Thanks 🙂

  • He could not reach out to his wife during his tough time (since she was the problem) so he reached out for another female nurturing in you. You may have taken this to be too much about love when he was looking for comfort. You won't know what he really wants until his time of trouble is past and his head is clear.

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