People are crazy! What is going on?

  • Has anyone else noticed things being a little weird the last few days? Maybe its just me, but I have noticed it at work, and I have strange things happening at home. At work yesterday, almost everyone that I fitted (for alterations) changed their mind after ringing them up and learning how much it was going to be. Today, almost order I went to get was not where it was supposed to be, and everyone at work was making silly mistakes that made things more difficult. yesterday, I had weird electrical stuff happening, like my microwave turned on by itself, my phone started playing iTunes when I closed out the app, and my laptop beeps and plays music when it is closed. I live near an air force base, and someone told me that could cause the issues with my phone and laptop... but to turn my microwave on??? I had to unplug it to turn it off. I left it unplugged for a few hours, and when I plugged it back in, it was fine. Anyone have any ideas or possible explanations?

    Blessings! Thanks!

  • yes!!! I just answered a post reassuring that it was not just them and yes yes yes---a lot of intense emotion and drama right now and will continue as the moon grows. Everyone is feeling tested to bite their tongue--hold onto their composure. A lot of confrontations and possable arguments. But it will pass!

  • look out for mercury retrograde the 26th though... hopefully Jupiter moving from Gemini to Cancer that same day will balance out luck with all the inevitable miscommunication...

  • Thank you! Glad to know it wasn't me being overly sensitive. Now I know it was my intuition telling me that. I have been trying to get back in touch with paying attention and using it. I have been wrapped up and blocked from it for a while due to some emotional turmoil. If anyone has any ideas on how I can do that, feel free to share.

  • I noticed it starting on Friday things breaking down, plans going awry, lots of arguments, I tried to finish projects that I previously started but had to put on the back burner and cleaned out a lot of closets to get rid of stuff that we don't use anymore. It helped to get me thru the weekend peacefully.

    missymill try cleaning out old stuff you don't use anymore &really spring clean your home it quiets the nerves (so to speak) and it will help you focus it has kept me sane for a very long time

  • I'm ready to just surrender go outside tonight and howl loud as I can untill all the dogs in the neighborhood join me under that big beautiful crazy moon!!! Can they arrest you for that? hahaha!

  • I will join you blmoon!! I don't think they can arrest you for howling, who knows maybe the neighbors will join in ha ha


  • Yeah! The Full moon maybe? Lots of police intervention in where I work! Yeah and petty dramas.

    I just had a dream last night (I work front office in hotel) a 4 headed snake on my arm. It was red and yellow. I put it on a front office desk in a hotel and look at it and laugh, it turns to a dragon statue with a card holder at the bottom.


  • Well I know my life is full of shifting ATM. I just hope my feet are taking me in the right direction!

  • ? shifting ATM

  • At the moment 🙂

  • well we had a lot of chaos at work one young man quit and is going back home, 2 were terminated and one of the managers is just loud and obnoxious - he didn't want to answer his phone calls and changed my schedule at work (makes it hard to find a part time job) so I have to answer the phones from the techs even when I am off. I did tell the GM that I should not be answering the phones & he thought I was kidding. and what was really weird the GM moved his office to the smaller vacant office. People are very nervous at work I am just trying to stay out of the way

  • Yes shadowmist def think u should lie low, lol man that would be nerve wracking

  • found out (by accident) several of the guys are going to jump ship so to speak they are looking for another job. I tried to brighten up the place with some flowers but some one threw them out over the 4th of July holiday. it is a very strange and uneasy feeling when you walk in the door. I carry my crystals & stones with me & left a few on my desk. One of the crystals I had to replace as it cracked!!!!

  • Wow shadowmist.....the crystal cracked!!! That is some heavy negativity going around there. Have you found out WHY the guys are looking for another job? Last time I had that was due to an undercover merger and things weren't looking good for us. And it wasn't pretty.

  • last year they cut pay and of course business is slow right now. they implemented a senior tech plan where they divided the techs into teams and if they have an issue they need to call the team lead 1st instead of calling a manager. But the team lead has to do their work and cannot always answer the phone so the techs get upset. the 2 managers in the office don't answer their phones all the time stating they are busy. and then they wind up calling the office manager or me.

  • Oh ok, Thank you Shadow Mist.

  • update!!! all managers have been out of the office this week yea!!! but I still have to put up with the techs just wanting to hang around & not letting me get my work done I had to tell them to leave in not so nice way

  • The Sun is in Leo now could mean lots of drama, excitement and just confusion.

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