Assistance with interpretation of tarot card question

  • Quick background story:

    I asked the tarot cards a question yesterday. Will my ex marry his current girlfriend? We broke up and he got back with his ex (now his girlfriend). I'm pregnant with his baby and he told me recently that she's given him ultimatum to marry her or else. He's decided that they are going to move in together and he's going to marry her.

    So, I shuffled the cards, ask the tarot "Will he marry her" and pulled three cards out and placed them side by side.

    I pulled out: 1. The Chariot (Upright), 2. The Hanged Man (Upright), 3. Death (Reversed)

    I'm confused with what the tarot cards are saying? Yes or no? Can someone with more tarot card experience help me with this tarot card response b/c I am not sure if I am interpreting it correctly as I'm closely related to the person and question at hand.

    My interpretation: is that the chariot which represents the past says that he was hesitant to marry, not ready to commit. the hanged man which is the present represents his state of confusion, he's in limbo and feels pressured to get married but not by his own choice or idea. and death reversed is that their relationship coming to an end but there will be a a delay, prolonging the inevitable.

    ??? someone help... i really, really appreciate it. thank you kindly!

  • Are you using just the major arcana cards or did you only pull major arcana cards.

    This is a situation that he got himself into. The chariot represents the urgency at present. What once was inevitably a different path is null and void. Dramatic turn-around. I would draw more cards--11-card and see how it's going to play out. Major arcana are trump cards. You have one card trumping another all over the place. There isn't a clear story to me. Sounds like she doesn't trust him.

  • I"m using the all 78 cards in the rider waite tarot deck. I'm a newbie and i thought that trying the shorter spread would give me a simple clearer response, but i suppose not...

    Thank you, thank you so much Daliolite, I appreciated your input. 🙂

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