Bluemoon need your help please

  • Hello,

    My sister(scorpio) and I (cancer) had a disagreement and since then we stopped talking. Do you think she will call me or email me again? I know she thinks she is right but that was not the case whatsoever.

    Thank you and many blessings

  • There is a lot of discord in the air these days, you are not the only one going through drama and high emotions. I think you know your sister well and that's why you are asking. Meaning that she can be very very distant--can cut her ties with great determination. Scorpios need lots of room when ticked off. They are fierce and passionate and can really sting but also they can lock the door and put up a wall. They are aware of their power and often make space to keep from being ruthless and regretting it later. You are different---cancers do not fear their emotions as much---like the water that rolls with the tide cancers roll with dramas. Scorpios can be all or nothing. icy cold or a volcano. At first expect her to make more of this situation than you. She will simmer down eventualy. And she expects you to make the first step towards amends. The positive thing about scorpios is their core loyalty to family and she loves you. Scorpios despite their arguments will not abandon loved ones. She does love you. Being right is a matter of perspective---you two see things differently. Feel things differently. When comunicating with her it would be best if you only aproached arguments from how you feel and not by how you see her behaviour. She gets defensive quikly. This is going to keep happening if you do not try new ways of avoiding familiar traps. She will not want to be estranged from you and will be ready to connect. Spirit says you must decide how important it is to be right or take the high road and agree to disagree. But with scorpios you must be upfront honest. Cancers can get moody and sulk. That only makes her want to shake you or say something mean. The key is putting egos aside. If you truelly want her friendship you must honestly express that but make it not about the disagreement. You can say I know we do not always agree but I love you and want you in my life cos life is short and God forbid something ever happened to you I would be devastated knowing my last memory was a stupid fight. This really does happen to people. I once had a friend who had a falling out with her sister and they didn't speak for months and that friend was killed in an accident. Her sister was out of her mind with grief and regret---she couldn't even walk into the church without falling to the ground screaming how she couldn't believe she had been angry enought to stop talking to her sister---everyone was upset but that sister was beyound grief she could not get over her regret. She kept screaming she wanted that time back--to tell her she loved her. If you love your sister like that than do not take for granted there will be time to make up. Spirit says you have a choice. I have a sister I was close to and she died years ago and we never fought. I do have a sister still alive that I will never be close to---no big fight but she just has issues and in fact has no friends. And when she passes it will be sad but really I will not miss what I never had.But I do not get that that's how it is for you. I think you both love each other very much but your perspectives are not always on the same page. I do see you two making up.. Scorpios are all a little psychic so if before sleep you prayed a heart to heart to her she will get the vibes--the full moon aproaching will amp any prayers to her. But it can also amp arguments so any contact must not rehash this disagreement. After sending her loving prayers if she does not connect you can send her a card---something meaningfull you know she likes and say I love you. That's all you have to say. If you try to send e-mails too soon there's a chance she'll delete without opening assuming the worse. I do get a positive resolution to this. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Bluemoon

    She has done this before to our other sister. She never spoke to her again. Then my other sister was diagnosed with cancer and I told her about it but she still did not speak to her. Then on her last few months I told her she is dying and she finally spoke to her. You are right when she likes you she likes you but when you disagree with her or have an argument with her she will never forget it or will even take it to her grave (thats what she says). I'm telling you I dont know where she got this kind of attitude it must be the scorpio sign in her. I have done a lot for her if she is not going to make the first move so be it. I will always pray for her though.

    Bluemoon, you might think I'm being stubborn but knowing her ways when she gets mad I dont think I will make the first move. I'm sorry about that. She always say at the end I know I'm right. I'm not angry with her or anything like that. Like what I said I will always say a prayer for her.

    Thank you so much for your help and many blessings to you and loved ones.

  • I can see why spirit asked me to tell you MY story about two sisters ---one I had a close relationship with and one I haven't spoken to in at least 8 years!! I do get your choice. Sad, because you do both love each other BUT sometimes it is what it is. It s hard for me to read your sister other than I got a closed door---I suspected it could be temporary or a way of life for her and you confirm it is away of life which spirit also led me to suspect when they said that this would likely be a continuing problem and you would have to change how you deal with her. I gave you the most possable worse scenerio because it helps you really get down to your true feelings about this possability. Spirit prefers you find clarity with their direction but not so much just telling you what to do. By suggestion all the possabilities I think you validated exactly how you REALLY feel. I still do not see a bad outcome. I think it will just be less on your mind--that you will be at peace with your desicion. You cannot change others--only how YOU deal with them. I AM stubborn!! But do not let my ego lead me. I also in my younger days was a fixer---some things are not ours to fix--and high ideas about how things should be are just that--pretty ideas. Yes sisters should be loving---but you can't choose your relatives. I have had both situations. In fact after my close sister passed I tried to force that same relationship on my other sister---I cried a lot!!! Every so many years I'd out of good intentions reached out just one more time but always--in the end got hurt. That's ok because I did the right thing and having an open heart means one will be vulnerable but it is better than living with a closed heart that does not love unconditionaly. So, do what you feel justified and can accept no regrets. Despit all the door shutting spirit does show me that she does favour you--in silence and does expect YOU are the one who will always be there. She really feels you are the easiest to soften at her whim when SHE decides. I believe if you truelly do make piece with your desicion and let her go---she will feel that. She does expect you will do the reaching out. Follow your intuition. And if you do get the urge to connect and she bights do NOT feel stupid or regret because you must celebrate that you can open your heart. BUT you also are entitled to protect it. You do the right thing for you. Not because it is always rewarding. But because it is who you are. I see a positive change for you coming from this event. BLESSINGS!!!

  • Hi Bluemoon

    Honestly, I really dont have regrets. I know I have done the best I can for her before so whatever will be will be. I dont have any ill feelings or anger towards her I was just curious to see if what I already know or feel is right and you have validated that.

    Again I thank you so much and many blessings.

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