Questioning a Career change?

  • Hello all!!!

    I can not believe the year is half over and hope everyone is doing well. I was looking for some insight on making a career change, is this a good time to start putting things in place or do I need to wait a tad bit longer?

    I feel strong enough now to make a change and know it won't happen overnight, but I wanted to finally get my America Board of Opticianary cerfitificate as a fall back and sense of accomplishement for myself. I have been an Optician for over 20 years and love the work, but I am feeling abit stiffled and burnt, like my energy is wasted. I wanted to learn to do website design simply because I enjoy the communication and would be able to use some creativity.

    Any thoughts or advice???

    Love and happy thoughts

    Canergirlfromtheheart ❤

  • Can't you keep your job and do the study in your spare time? Then you can find out if you really like website design before burning your optician bridges.

  • Definately, I am too much of a chicken to just dump everything to try something that may not be for me, lol. Even if it isn't something I decide is for me, at least I learned something new. I guess I am just feeling restless.

    I wasn't sure if now would be the time to try or if I should wait?

  • Wait for what?

  • I am truly not sure, I keep getting a nagging feeling like I should wait til after September but that could just be me trying to talk myself into procrastinating. Then I am likely to get busy with the kiddos and convince myself I don't have time. I just want to make sure I am not going to upset any other areas that I should be focusing on first. I am not sure that made sense.

  • You can at least make enquiries now about the study to see if you can fit the classes in.

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