• Hi Blmoon ,

    I was wondering if i could ask you do you know what happens to people who commit suicide do they cross over straight away or are they earthbound ? I would really appreaciate your insight.

    Love and light

    Livinonaprayer 🙂

  • It depends. There is NO suicide rule. I know being brought up a catholic in the old days suicide was a sin and souls went to limbo. Every one's life is personaly unique. No set rule. Some people's death are exactly as their life challange perdicted befor birth. I know that sounds harsh but we all come into this world not as one path but part of other's journeys and some souls choose a very difficult life and sacrifice themselves for the their part in changing other's paths and helping soul growth in others. Most people who committ suicide are dealing with mental illness. Despite the suicide the true cause of death is accidental and the disease is mental illness. A healthy person can commit suicide under the influence. Say, a man got news his mate was leaving him and was so distraught he got very drunk and always being a very emotional sensitive man he killed himself. Even that, is accidental because he would not have done it sober. There may be some confusion after death but he would still go to God. Our spirits are measured in love. Spirits do have different soul energy according to the love they have gathered.despite any hardships. We leave the ills of human states of body and mind behind. Only LOVE crosses over. Spirits continue to serve after death. A suicide may elevate his soul energy by becoming a guide for others on earth who are facing his same predicament. Heaven is not just one mass of equal energy but many levels of guides spirits and Angels. Earth bound souls are very low low energy souls. I believe in reincarnation. We choose our lives according to lessons we wish to master and often make up for past lives failings but no life is really considered failed---we just have to get it another time. That's why it is important to feel we are always right where we should be and life is about lessons that awaken us to higher levels of enlightenment. There is evil. A good soul can do evil things without intention. Say a mother had a bad childhood that left her with no selfesteem. Her intention may be to seek love--love too much---but she can't love herself. She has children and loves them--good intention. BUT her self loathing causes her to be depressed--neglect herself--this in turn affects her children and causes evil effects BUT her intention was not evil. We must always consider intention when wondering where a soul goes. There are earth bound souls who never gave love and refused it in others. They gathered no love and when they passed they still did not move towards love. God is love. Now if a person causes much pain for others with full intention he passes with a low energy. If he killed his mate then himself he may very likely end up on the low low end of the otherside. The harsh residue of his imprint would be felt on earth---their may be hate and anger in the living that keeps him tied to them. That is why forgiveness is a gift to oneself in a case like that. But mostly, I am just describing possabilities because we do not know each person's purpose. I have done healing readings as a medium for families left wondering after a suicide. But it is up to the spirit to connect and also they must pass my protection barrier. It is a very draining expierience to have a spirit take me through the event as I would be inside them thinking their thoughts and feeling their state of mind. These are very tradjic and not bad souls---my guides would not allow that. The suicides I have connected with where always affected by some form of mental illness that often looked to loved ones as just bad behaviour that made no sense. Often they sel medicated and had delusional thoughts. Most survivers can't understand why the deseaced was not thinking about THEM and their feelings but when I go through their exact thought process in the deceaseds mind they often feel others are better off without them and they focus on ever failure every offense---as if they put on a dark pair of glasses and summed up their lives from a dark perspective. I did a connect with a young man who unfortunetly did not share his symptoms of illness so loved ones where shocked. He was hearing voices and actually was being consumed by schitzophrenia. After I did the reading the loved one confirmed that indeed it ran in his father's family. Also, some spirits reveal they had a secret they felt they could no longer bear and felt trapped. Sometimes these souls are afraid to be g ay and yet are just so good and perfect to their families otherwise. Suicide is often about violence to ones sense of imagined crime or self worth. I could go on and on----it gets complex!!! Hope spirit resinated for you something you needed to hear. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon

    Thank you for your in depth reply to my post, it has brang some light into the darkness over this whole situation ,for me its been nearly 5 months since it happened and i am still in turmoil , blameing myself for not seeing the signs. Thankyou again Blmoon.

    Love and Blessings to you Loap:)

  • You were not meant to see the signs!! I am a psychic and my own son passed away from a massive heart attack!!! He was into fitness and only 32! Yes, at first it really is a heavy burdon to go through the what if list but honestly, after his death, I kept getting the message that it was his time. Sometimes it just is. But I DID have panic attacks that were unusual the two years befor he passed but had nothing to attach them to so I think I did know but was not meant to really know details as it was his time. That would have been cruel to really know!!! Even if you went to a good psychic they would never tell you anything to hurt you if it were out of your control. At most Spirit just would have strengthened you in other ways to be more prepared. Another reason I believe it was fate for my son is after I brought him home from the hospital I woke up one night in full blown terror and panic--- it was unlike me. I was almost hysterical crying and my poor husband was just at a loss as to my concern. I kept saying someone is going to die--I even thought it was me maybe --it lasted for days and was awful. I actualy had physical pain and was doubled over and called my OB. After my son did pass I suddenly remembered that event and now believe as a psychic I did know my beloved baby boy would someday leave me early but Spirit sheilded me from the real facts. I had finaly passed it off as some crazy hormone insanity.Even the famouse psychic Johnathan Edwards was in turmoil for awhile in his early days because he couldn't understand why he had such a gift but did not save his mother from cancer. Her diagnosis came too late after a bus accident and x-rays picked it up. It is actually a great lesson for psychics who truely take on this vocation---to know we are the messangers but we are not GOd and there is a lot of surrender---we are filled with the need to help but must surrender as well. We have to trust often in answers we may not ever get. This Spirit says no regrets no regrets no regrets. And says there is a power in the number 3. Not sure what that means but just repeating. Regret and sadness does not honor a life that is so much more than THAT event. Be happy in their freedom and you will get many comforting visits. BLESSINGS!

  • Dear Blmoon .

    I can only imagine the devastion you are feeling with losing your Son my heart goes out to you ,Im not sure either what the number 3 means . Thankyou Bloom for sharing your story i look forward to the comforting visits .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

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