Help reading Celtic Cross (Love)

  • Could someone please help me read this celtic cross (the question was regarding how my relationship would turn out with a certain girl)

    1st card = Page of cups

    2nd card = Six of wands

    3rd card = Prince of cups

    4th card = Five of wands (reversed)

    5th card = Three of swords (reversed)

    6th card = The fool

    7th card = King of swords reversed

    8th card = Ten of swords (reversed)

    9th card = Eight of cups

    10th card = Page of pentacles

  • The issue is about love, companionship.

    But there is involvement of ego, dominance.

    Initially there was loads of harsh conversation, rudeness present

    Maybe there was double crossing being in other relation at same time involved early on which is not present anymore

    Both of you have gotten over the heartbreak and disappointment of the relationship.

    Chances are you may take up any steps without proper planning and thinking.

    There is no clarity in the relationship now neither anyone is in control of it.

    you have gotten over the fact that it is over or you still feel hope is still there.

    time to move dude emotionally, physically every way.

    moving on will help you to be stable and grounded.

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