Tarot Nick could you please?

  • Tarot Nick hello how are you? hope you are good. I would love if you could also give me a reading, would you? im born in may...whatever you sense or see or could tell me would be fun and appreciated! good night

  • Hi newnini,

    I pick up on feeling to help you see from a different perspective, here you are.

    you at a point where you’re taking a deep sigh... let it out slowly and calming

    a new opportunity is near

    you going to have more than one ball in the air at one time... don't forget to keep both up... takes extra work but you can do it

    I sense a strong attraction to someone

    recently things must have been tough, but you got thru it...wasn't easy though

    happiness will return...i think an old friend pops up

    yeah it seems like you will rekindle with someone

    you have been worrying about a woman, not nice, has to be her way, sharp tongue

    i think it's a friend, you can't decide what to do, you seem worried or afraid

    you will have some anxieties but it will work out in the end

    word of caution, don't get lost in yourself, or put yourself too highly...something that hasn't come yet...not sure if you think you should get something or that you feel you deserve it...think humble...

    The worst seems over what you have been thru, and someone from your pass comes back into the picture. The last card is by itself so it’s hard to see what it is trying to warn against, but the feeling of being humble will help.

    Hope that helps,


  • tarot-nick, 🙂 aw this is such a beautiful gift..this reading...thank you so much for taking your time to do his for me....loved it and i wish you all the best 🙂

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