Tarot Nick may I have a career reading please

  • I have been looking for a job but I haven't found anything. Will I soon find a job that I like?

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  • dfrance,

    this is not a career reading but what I pick up from your feelings. Let’s see if it helps,

    you are disappointed, you want things to happen

    you will get what you need

    It will come from you, you need to strategize it, think it and will it to happen

    who's the guy, seems nice, maybe likes to dream a bit, social

    recently things have been happy

    either money pops up or a new job, but doesn't seem permanent

    keep in mind to be open to something you normally wouldn’t have thought of

    you have been worrying about something that got canceled

    be careful with money, not sure if your spending or just running into debt

    you will run into a woman, strong willed, not in a bad way but there is a presence around her, she either looks out for you or sees something you didn't

    your going to have a choice to make, seems like an opportunity arises but there is more than one and you either have trouble choosing or you try to do both, I don’t think doing both is a good idea. It causes fights, also I think the woman from the last card has good insight, up to you to listen.

    So something is coming, the first job won’t last but then something else pops up; so think it thru and make it happen.


  • Hi Tarot Nick

    Thanks for the reading I haven't meet a guy recently but maybe soon will. Yeah like you said I have been disappointed at the fact that I haven't found a stable job position which I love and will stay in for a couple of years until I finish my degree. It seems like everyone around me has a stable job and sometimes I doubt myself if I am ever going to find a good job. Especially since it is hard for me do to social anxiety.

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