Today is my Bday- can some interpret my reading- thanks

  • Today is My bday so I asked tarot if S and I have a good outcome in our relationship?

    Any interpretation will be appreciated..

    Self: The Moon

    Situation: Page of Swords

    Challenges/ Opportunities: Five of Wands

    Foundation: Justice

    Recent Past: Ten of Cups

    Higher Power: The Hierophant

    Near Future: Two of Swords

    Blocks & Inhibitions: Five of Cups

    Allies: The World

    Advice: Nine of Swords

    Long-term Potential: The High Priestess


  • Happy Birthday mariame

    My skills on interpretations are not good right now, but under the tarot section there are several articles that can give guidance

    have a wonderful day!!

  • thanks appreciate the advice


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