Hi Captain!

  • Hello Captain,

    Can you please do a compatibility/psychic reading for me on this new relationship of mine?

    He is 6/6/51 and I am 10/16/56.

    So far, things are great, though he is very inexpressive. Is this normal for Gemini guys?

    Thank you so much!

    Many blessings to you!

  • Due to his upbringing, this guy has a fear of abandonment which makes him keep his guard up all the time. He's always half-expecting the bottom to drop out of his life and for other people to dump him. It is odd for a Gemini to be non-expressive, though.

    An exciting relationship is nevertheless likely to develop between you. The crucial factor as to whether it will endure is your ability to accept each other, including all of the little imperfections and unpleasantries, once your initial interest in each other has faded. Resembling sometimes a football field, sometimes a battleground, the relationship is tempting, alluring, maddening, unreasonable - kaleidoscopic in nature. Your friend's energy will attract you, though you don't normally go out of your way to appear interested. Your coolness and objectivity will in turn appeal to this man and will often provoke his deeper feelings. Neither person is looking for trouble or problems in this relationship, but this is no guarantee of their absence.

    A love affair will be particularly unstable. The emphasis here is on youthful feelings and spontaneous displays of feeling. Sexual encounters tend to be unplanned and exciting, but there is the possibility that it will bring out in both of you some of your more undesirable characteristics. Provocative or inflammatory scenes and downright meanness are quite likely to result. Your friend may feel quite dominated by your powerful presence but this can also have its allure for him. If you get caught up in your friend's frenetic energies, you will find such loss of control uncomfortable. This relationship can be tumultuous at times, so marriage is not recommended. Nor is it often possible for a cooled-down or failed love affair here to result in a friendship. On the other hand, if the two of you meet first as friends, you are quite likely to be able to establish an easy give-and-take. Again the relationship's solidity and depth will depend on its degree of acceptance.

  • Thank you Captain! Does it make a difference in any of what you said if his birth year is different....I completely typed it in incorrectly!! He was born in 1961, not 1951....sorry!!

    I was really hopeful this would turn into a long term relationship....we both are, so I am a bit disappointed in what you see as problems. Of course, I haven't even seen him angry yet, so things could change I suppose!!

    Thanks again for any input regarding the different birth year, if there is any!!

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  • The only difference in the reading is in this guy's persona, not in how you two relate. He is very focused on being recognised, for being noticed by others. He can get quite angry about it. He fears being ignored, passed over or forgotten. He needs a sobering influence at home to anchor him from getting swept away by dreams of success, fame and glory. If he hasn't go that anchor, he may come adrift and continue to chase illusions or pipe dreams or even dangerous addictions. Unfortunately for him, the family thing tends to make him feel bored, stifled, and restless.

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