Need to move on. can someone please do a reading

  • Here's my story.I've been seeing this guy for 9 months.I didn't mean to fall in love but here i am in love.He doesn't talk much about his feelings but by his actions I think he loves me too.I don't know if I should hang in there see what happens or just move on.I am aries 4/5/1971 he is aries 3/23/1978 I've been told he has alot of pisces in him.Thanks to all who can help

  • i'm an aries as well. 4/4/1989. my moon is in pisces.

    as an aries you should know the answer to your

    although aries tend to be pretty bold..we do tend to become shy when it comes to expressing our love. or at least i do.

    and my mom is a pisces and she's more of a show not tell person....meaning her actions show she loves me-she doesn't have to tell me.

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