Would anyone have a couple seconds for a reading on an ex?

  • Hi beautiful all,

    So the other week, I wrote my ex a long email saying things I regretted I hadn't said, what I thought of him, how he's touched my life (all good things....one of those emails you usually don't send, but I sent it anyway). He wrote back some lovely things too and cleared some things up (which made all of these other loving feelings emerge from me). My gut was telling me that timing was what wasn't making us work out the first time, because I needed to fix a lot of things in my life which I'm in the process of doing now (which I wrote in one of the emails)...I guess I'm wondering if he's considering getting back together with me or what he's feeling. If I'm supposed to be patient here, or we're both supposed to move on...You know, the usual lol.

    If anyone has a couple of seconds, I would be super grateful.

    Have a wonderful day!


  • I would love if it were a tarot reading, but I could take both.

  • It feels like he was more the wounded party in the past so he is hesitant. This is an opportunity for you to heal whatever happened between you two. Forgiveness is coming through strongly, however keep in mind that sometimes forgiveness means letting go. If your desire is not just to clear the air, but to try and re-establish a relationship with him, then tell him this and ask if he is willing to try. At the very least, you will know where he stands rather than obsessing over it. Whatever the outcome, this will be an important step in order for you both to move forward. In clearing any old guilt/blame or heavy feelings about the past, you will enable yourselves to move forward.

  • Hi watergirl,

    Thanks for taking a stab. I never actually did anything to hurt him, so maybe hurts from past relationships. I did clear heavy feelings on my end. I also don't want to force him to try again. I figured if he wants to, I'll know it, especially now that he knows how i feel about him.

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