6 of swords in Relationship/ Love

  • Is the six of swords as the relationship outcome in love a breakup or is it them moving in together?

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  • The other cards surrounding it will give more insight, but this card by itself suggests moving on, not moving in.

  • It was just the outcome of the relationship other cards for love reading that were involved were two of cups, king of wands, three of swords, the emperor, ten of wands, the temperance, ace of wands, two of pentacles.

  • You're trying to hard and/or pushing for something you want to happen too soon/fast and being guided to slow down and regain your bearings. Attempting to force a situation that is not happening naturally on its own will only cause more distress. Quiet your mind and then ask for a reading from someone else instead of trying to pull your own cards. If you ask while your mind is in a frenzy then the only thing that will come through is to relax and let go (speaking from experience here).

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