Libra women with a leo man

  • I'm a libra women who has been dating a leo man. Great compatability from the start but we are both very independant people. Which is where I think we are having a few differances.

    I have a hard time understanding where this realtionship is going, if there really is even a need to try to understand..just go with the flow. Everything is great and loving when we are together & almost "electric."

    It almost bothers me that he can read me as well as he does, which is one thing that I have tried to keep to myself.

    What is the compatability of libra with leo? What should I expect? He is a very loving person but runs hot and cold sometimes... we all need our own time to be our own person. As we all do, he carries around alot of his own securities of the past, which tend to get in his way.

    It seems as if the "hunt" is over he has gotten too comfortable.

    As a libra women, we are comfortable in one & one relationships. Maybe I need to shake things up again, as he was the one that persued me lile crazy!

  • Hi lunaazul,

    I'm a leo male with a libra lover. Yes we also have fantastic chemistry and almost soul mate feeling. Yes it's weird for each of us to know what the other is fixing to say. Astrologically it helps if his ruling sun planet is in your house of communication ( your 3rd house) and your ruling planet of venus is in his house of pleasure( I think that's our 11th house). My libra keeps me balanced ( a word she uses often) as is our relationship. Your leo wants to feel in charge and you want a more balanced one on one relationship. Let him feel that way and I admit I enjoy my ego stroked as well as you have the need to feel number one in his heart. Do take in consideration of his past as my libra has to do with me( my ex wife is a hardheaded redhed aries!). How true a leo is he? I'm right in the middle of the sign. Cancer dudes and Virgo dudes are way different than us leos. I don't know all this stuff but it seems to me the closer somebody is to the next sign, those traits show up. Hey good luck, we cats are loyal and loving and like to have fun. We also need to seek approval from our mates and we will do just about anything as long as we are told how much we are appreciated by our mates. A sexy nurse outfit would get my attention if you were to shake things up.

  • Yep I am also a Libra woman with a Leo male partner.

    At the moment I am having great problems with the domineering side of the lion!!!

    I am a carefree,easy going Libra who is currently looking for work at the moment and my crazy,hot-headed Leo mate is push push push me into any job that comes available.

    Its all about money money money with these hot-headed lions you know!

    Anyway I think we are still very compatible and will probably ride this storm like any other.

    Yes even the most placid and laid back Libran can be pushed just a step too far!!!

    Does the expression "I,m only trying to help dear"spring to mind.

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