Readings from loved ones, passed on

  • Hi,

    I am looking to practice and hone my mediumship skills a bit... so if anyone wants to help me just respond to this thread and I will see who I can pick up on around you. Please read:

    You MUST have a good knowledge of your family to help me... so if you don't know the names or hardly anything about your grandparents, great grandparents, aunts etc then please don't request at this time.... it will just be frustrating for both of us.

    thank-you and blessings 🙂

  • Hi Ebby, can you tell me if there is any message for me from any spirit?

  • Ebby, i should add that i had a medium here on this sight channel my dad for me about a month ago but thought that maybe there is some other spirit that wants to convey some message.

  • Hi, I would like to know if my grandpa and grandma have any messages for me. Grandpa died a couple years ago and grandma died in the early 90s. I was very close to both of them. I miss them so very much. Am going through a tough time myself. Wondering if you help me on this. Much appreciated. Thanks.

  • moonalisa...

    one spirit connected with me... an older man, thinning hair, spectacles, seems quiet but powerful... something unusual about one of his ears, perhaps a hearing aid..

    I see his hand writing with a pen on paper... I get the feeling of the letter H like an unusual word or name... herber...hugo...hergar...?? I can't make it out too well

    he sits in a house at a table... then indicates his chest, a problem inside his chest... a surgery that involved a cut through his sternum down the middle of the chest...

    I see a hospital gown and socks... did he pass in a hospital? I see prayers and candles for him...

    He does seem at peace and seems to be waiting for those who will one day come over

    your feedback is appreciated.. I have been contacting my own ancestors for many years... but this is the first time I try it for strangers, thanks

  • Aprilca -- a woman connected. She likes the smells of flowers. She requested I light incense, she did not approve of my untidy bedroom (I am sorting through my closets and have a lot of clothes out etc... embarrassing rather)... she keeps showing me roses... I get the feeling she was religious of some sort.. but the rose theme keeps showing up

    jewelry... pearl and metal earrings.. they look to me like clip earrings, that clip on the ear lobes. There is a small/medium sized black dog with some white markings that is with her and plays there with her.

    She showed me the inside of a home and a full table spread of good food... some of her best memories. She was a great hostess ... I see rich, comfort food and a glass of wine...did she have a weakness in her kidneys or back? I feel a sensation of pain there

    She is with an older man, older than her... he sits in a chair... and she rests a hand on his shoulder... he is silent and seems kind of sad like there is something unresolved,.. but she seems very free to be herself

    your feedback is appreciated

  • Dear Ebby, thank you very much, for the time being i can't remember anyone similar to the man you described. i think i need some more time maybe. It is rather not my father as he had thick hair, the ear 'thing' is not his characteristics either and the word... don't have a clue. The only thing that could have a connection with my dead is the chest problem. He died of heart attack. In fact there are more women from my family who had some impact on my life but i just need to search my memory for the person you described. Unfortunately i didn't know both my grandfathers personally. They both died before i was born. Can the spirit that connects with you be a spirit i have never met? Is it possible he is not a member of my family? Can you ask him if he could tell you what connection he has with me?

  • moonalisa... he looked quite elderly, definitely more a grandfather vibe unless you are in your 40s+ already or have an aged father... I didn't get the impression that he was your father.

    This is the reason why I did ask that you please know your distant family members before requesting the reading... now we are both a little frustrated. It's ok though, I am not upset don't worry, I just really want to get feedback and I have already been through this frustration with a friend of mine who knows nothing about her older passed on relatives... I would appreciate if you can ask your older relatives about elderly men in your family that have passed... H name...

  • i didn't know my grandfathers but from what i know the man does not resemble any of them either.

  • well, thanks anyway, moonalisa.

  • Ebby, i am sorry, know that i really appreciate what you have done for me... both my grandfathers were not old when they passed away, one died at the age of 40 or 42 and the second was 56. i will try to find out about some other male family members. Thank you Ebby 🙂

  • It's ok... you may want to start with a name -- find out if there is a family patriarch with unusual H name... I see a fedora with a feather in it... and like I said writing... a man who was quiet but loved to write

  • The hat with the feather is quite helpful... what about this man's body-built and height?

  • Oh and I would say mid to late 60s perhaps... I am not too old myself so 'elderly' is relative I know... and I'm not sure of the ethnicity of your family, but this man has European roots for sure

  • He is thin... somewhere within average height I'd say, though I just see him sitting down... light eyes that kind of pierce right through you... still has some hair but thinning pretty badly

  • The name starting with h is very confusing for me, none of my grandfathers' or great-grandfathers' names started with h. i will dig further... 🙂

  • Does your family have any German roots? check both surname and given name please, thanks

  • have thought about it as the names you provided sound very German but i know nothing about my family having German roots. I wouldn't say my surname sounds German either. The only thing i know is that my paternal great-grandparents lived for some time in Berlin-that was at the turn of the XIX and XX century i think...

  • well, that's all I've got on him, moonalisa, wish I had more to offer... but the name Heber is sticking out to me and I don't know how he is related to your family. If you are able to find any leads, I would love to know until then... know he is a very positive energy... perhaps you have a love of writing or literature yourself? Good luck to you 🙂

  • Are you able to locate the man in time? i mean:) do you know what time he may come from?

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