Help With Finding Lost Cat

  • A few days ago, my cat escaped from my yard. My Mom and I think we saw him, but he decided not to come back to us. Will he ever come back? Right now, he is lost and I haven't seen him for awhile. I'm worried because the local SPCA euthanizes strays. Why did he run away in the first place? He's usually good with not running away and has come back before. Thanks for helping with this.

  • He is a normal cat. Cats do wander, even the homebodys will on occasion disapear a few days usually getting attention and food easily somewhere else. Males specially in adulthood have the urge to mate--even when fixed they will still feel the urge to mark new territory. Think about all the strange cats who visit your yard--they are not ferrel but look well taken care of yet they seem homeless cos they visit and leave but really they have a home close by.Cats are independant and unlike dogs can live off the land. I once had a male cat who disapeared for days and I found out at least 3 other people on the block had been taking him in! He was a charmer! If you truelly worry about it getting picked up just visit or call the pound and to avoid that---get a yearly license so if the cat gets picked up the tag will let them know to call you. Although cats have a way of getting a colar off! I feel your cat is not far and will return---may already have!

  • Thanks for the response! He's the first cat I've owned for longer than a few weeks. My mom had horrible cat allergies for most of her life, but not now. So owning a cat growing up was out of the question. I sometimes forget that cats are the more independent type and like to wander. I've owned dogs most of my life and usually if a dog disappears for awhile, it's cause for concern. I'm glad you feel he's going to come back. I hope he returns soon.

  • cats and goats are the only two domesticated species I know of that can turn feral and survive on their own once escaped... all I get is a wandering energy... I hope you find him... curious about what he looks like, is he a yellow tabby? thanks

  • I hope your cat returns soon. Chip your cat when he returns if you can.

  • EbbyAlley, he's a black cat with a few white hairs. He has an unusual gait and sometimes limps when he walks.

  • Thanks znl. I'll definitely chip him when he comes back. It should make things a lot easier if he gets out again.

  • UPDATE: He hasn't returned, but is living around the area. I just saw him; he'd been fighting with another cat. He seemed glad to see my dog Sandy and me-but then he saw Chase, a Lab and took off. Besides wanting to wander, I think he really didn't like Chase. He was never really a fan of dogs, but he put up with them. That was until Chase came along. Since he's so close, he may show up at the doorstop one of these days. He looks well fed, which I'm happy about. I do miss him.

  • Thanks for the update mh83. Glad he is around, well your little devil.

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