Stuck On An Idea? Stuck On A Thought? Stuck In General?

  • Hi

    Is ya stuck on an idea thought or just stuck, tell all about it. As you do the result a choise may come forth, but more importantly you may get my objective view on how to become unstuck to see it from another angle that the one you+´re stuck in.

    mind ya all this wont be a reading psychic advice thread but a sane objective view to get unstuck.

    For starters will i help the first 10.


  • This is great CWB!!!! how about stepping outside of ones comfort zone to try and do something new?

  • Hi Shadow. thanx

    Hmmm Never easy to step out of a comfort zone but one needs to ask, what have i got to loose? Most times the rewards for exact stepping out of comfort zone is huge.

    Ive started a job i was not sure was me, it rattle my sense of comfort zone on so many levels. Now in mid and used to, im not only loving it, i treasure it. I´m also given more n more responsibilities. Ive never had this trust in me n my work ever! I have that BC i stepped out of my comfort zone by saying what have i to loose?

    So shadow, move out of ur comfort zone n ull grow like never before.


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  • Hi Dmick

    what is wrong by being selfish? Seems to me everyone these days are and yet hammer on all else it is wrong. I know you give n give till u got nothing left, not even for urself. Well i say, on n off is being selfish required needed n totally healthy. So go ahead BE selfish n relish init.


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  • Yw Dmick. At times it is so well okay to say okay pals i am gonna be totally utterly over the moon selfish, if that gets ya cookies in a jar so what? it aint as if ya´all aint selfish on a daily basis. Now it IS MY turn. So kudos for going out n say hey my turn to b an egomaniac. It IS allowed.


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  • That is just one way dmick. another is to trucker on. move even if u feel stuck. too often the feeling of stuck is a thought pattern. so what one really must do is re program your thought patterns. simply said rought to do i know. too often we for get to ask when stuck, what have i got to loose? often is the answer when u allow it NOTHING! so when ya got NOTHING to loose get up from ur lazy couch n DO !


  • Thanks CWB I am trying bay steps like dmick stated - part of the problem I think is my baby (who isn't a baby anymore lol) will hopefully be leaving for college in the fall and I will have more time to be selfish and try to get my part time biz started to help fund his education.

  • Hi shadow.

    yea we are all taking babysteps n yet wooo out of comfortzones. Well done ladies well done indeed. Kudos all around.


  • Her is my problem. I was fruaded and lost my reserves and shelter. I have been on and off homeless for over a year. I do not qualify for a shelter or temp assistance as I do earn some money but not enough for rental prices out here in ny. I am going to be homeless again in a few weeks. My current job pays just 50 cents more than min wage. I have no husband and no family. I have no real friends. they all have wives, husbands and kids and have no room for me. Other associates I know have no empathy as they have spouses and or family to financially aid them..

  • Hi Ariel.


    That stinks. If u was close by would i offer u shelter until u got on ya feet again. No question. Have u considered social services for aid? Pardon me if u have. If u dont have then consider it.

    It is no shame when broke homeless to ask country state to aid until one can again. I would help more but im not sure u wish it broadcasted. Sad to see humans are so selfish all the time. boy!

    let me know if any of us can help. I pray some in the NY area sees this and will be empathic enough to help you out. I pray so.

    charmed 😞

  • Thanks for you time. NY wont help people like me because I do not have a baby or a drug addiction or a domesticate issue that I have aided to manifest.

  • NY sucks then. I still wanna help Ariel. let me know how okay?

  • Thanks. I really cant do anything else. I have went on job interviews and continue to seek a better paying job. That would really solve the problem. I do not think a tarot or psychic reading will provide the answer as they usually are incorrect. All I can do is bear it.

  • I am so sorry ariel I wish I could help. We have a place where people can go called metropolitan ministries they help every one from finding shelter to job placement & food. You don't have something like that? or maybe a church that does something like that?

  • Thank you Shadow mist. I have a job now and working on trying to get one that is above min wage so I can afford rental fees.

  • Good news, I have landed a better full time job. I can cover the bills and may be able to still work the other one a few shift a month to cover school loans for when I finish. Thank you all for your support.

  • That is awesome news ariel dear. i am so ever happy for you. proud as well. u go gurl U GO!


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