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  • Hey all,

    I'm offering a quick four-card readings if any one is interested.

    Only for today!

    Love and light,


  • Hi, how about a general readinf for me please. Whatever you see. Thanks for offering.

  • Hello, Elthe! Nice to see you again here, and thank you for your offer.

    Could you tell me please two questions.

    What will M feel to me after the meeting?

    Do you think i can get job in a month ?

    If it is too much, than only the question about job please.

  • Hey znl,

    Here you go:

    Negotiations + Knight + Bouquet

    With Artemis as your Goddess card

    The cards indicate that perhaps you have been taking many rash actions. You quick decisions have brought some bad situations, perhaps with money. Now you have been forced to stop and slow down. You have been protecting yourself more, but that perhaps you have not completely ‘learned your lesson.’

    It seems like you let your emotions and feelings to get the best of you.

    This may happen again in love, so be careful.

    There indicates that you may have a love-at-first site kind of thing. Do not go all head first for this situation. Take your time, and play it cool.

    Hope it helps.


  • Hey Marishkaa!

    So happy to see you again! I hope you are doing well.

    What will M feel to me after the meeting?

    Confidence + Recognition + Disillusion

    With Demeter as your Goddess card

    It seems like their opinion of you might change by the end of the meeting. You seem to project an intense fire and passion to them, but that you change or will change. It seems that they will see that you will not show who you truly are and that may disappoint them. Or it’s just that you’re projecting someone else and they can see right through you.

    Do you think i can get job in a month ?

    The cards were positive for yes and no. It is up to you, but I think it is up to the level of effort that you put into looking for the job. Definitely, keep a clear head, and have a lot of belief in yourself that you will, and can get the job that you want and need.

    Hope it helps.


  • Thank you , Elthe!!

    May i ask one more please, what than i will feel toward M after the meeting?

    It is an internet communication, so disilllusion for him kind of make me sad, but probably i will feel the same?

  • You’re welcome, Marishkaa,

    what than i will feel toward M after the meeting?

    Knight + Competitiveness + Wedding

    With Hecate as your Goddess card

    From what I can see is that you want to win him. You don’t completely trust him, but you also don’t to let him go. You feel a loyalty to him, and are willing to act in any way necessary to keep him as your friend. So I say that perhaps you may not change your opinion of him much, but you will continue your hope of being him.

  • Dear EltheMoth, thank you for doing my reading. I have to think about it and make sure that I don't do that. Making sure I don't make any quick decisions.

    If I may ask a specific question: what is the best way / advice to deal with x situation?

  • Thank you, Elthe! it seems that i will like him more, than he me((, right?

  • Elthe, if possible, may i ask two last question please!? 1) What are the perspectives for our communication (relations) after the meeting?

    2)Where can i find job?

  • Znl,

    what is the best way / advice to deal with x situation?

    Disillusion + Bouquet + Isolation

    With Freya as your Goddess card

    The best advice they say is to not put all your hopes and dreams on one person or one situation. Realize that there are many opportunities for you; that not all is lost when things do not go your way. It’s a ‘lemon out of lemonade’ kind of advice as well as they suggest you find how to best deal with the situation not just using your heart or emotions, but your head. Some meditation on your actions is needed more often.

  • Ok, thank you. Have a great weekend.

  • Marishkaa,

    1. What are the perspectives for our communication (relations) after the meeting?

    Volcano + Competitiveness + Wedding

    With Kali as your Goddess card

    Hmm… Not so good, it seems. Extra effort to talk to each will be needed. And when you both do, it seems like there may be an awkwardness, or just keeping up a friendly appearance.

    2)Where can i find job?

    Is there a specific place you want to work?

    I can’t really pin point locations, but I’ll ask to see if they can give us a hint.

    Competitiveness + Investment + Challenge

    With Gaia as your card.

    Hmm… It may at a place that you will not like. Here you will need to be aggressive and put a lot of your time. It’s a difficult job, but one where you will see a lot of growth, or that you see a lot of growth from (perhaps the job has to do with growing, plants or wildlife. Maybe even building as in architecture.)

    Does it sound familiar perhaps?

  • Elthe, thank you for the readings.

    No, i didn't mean a specific place. But the name of the card "investment" is the field where i want to work) And in general i think your descriptions about job are very good! It gave me hope!

    Elthe, what do Goddess cards mean? is it like an advice?

  • EltheMoth, thank you for your reading very much!!! They clarified a lot. Good day to you!

  • EltheMoth I will appreciate a reading,thank you

  • You're welcome, Marishkaa,

    Yes, the Goddess are the key to the advice the cards give. They also help me tie the whole reading together.

    Have a good weekend, Marishkaa!

  • Hey brightmoonshine,

    Here you go:

    Confidence + Commitment + Volcano

    With Lilith as your Goddess card

    Really good cards, but I see that perhaps you may feel a bit restricted, or that you want to move around and have more freedom. I take it that perhaps you have entered into a very nice phase, or a peaceful time, and you may not want to overreach your position. Though it seems like you have to decide on what’s your next step to take. It may shake things up, but you have to focus on what to do next. Think on it some more, and make the best decision for your life.

  • Hi EltheMoth, i like your readings, i had a reading done by you in the past and it was very to the point. i'd like to ask you 'what can i expect in the next three months?'

  • Hey moonalisa,

    Nice to see you again.

    what can i expect in the next three months?

    Adaptability + Negotiation + Two Paths

    With Gaia as your Goddess card

    The next three months might show a difficulty with financial prospects. The reading shows that you will need to find some balance here, yet that you will have to make some important decisions. Perhaps you will find out something about your job, or something may come up that requires you to spend more. Though you will not like it, you will need to figure out how to make due with the coming situation. Thankfully, it seems like you are a hard worker and won’t let the financial burden get to you. Once you decide what to do, it looks like you will come out of it fine.

    You have the power to overcome it.

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