I am looking for a genuine friend

  • Hi to everyone, it seems like if I am all alone. I am a 55 year old female, and I need genuine friends that I can correspond or talk too. There is a man that is suppose to be in my life, but he has some strange ways. He would give you anything, but can never be there for you. His life surrounds his work and his biological family. Yet I seems not to be able to move on.

  • Hi Outsmarted,

    It's difficult to let go of someone who seems like such a loving, giving person and yet just can't seem to commit to you fully. You are in the stage of knowing in your mind what the situation is and what you must do, yet are struggling with it emotionally. Struggling to hang on to what you love rather than allowing the healing to take place. It's a natural stage to be in. How long you remain there is somewhat up to you, however. It's important to understand that sometimes our fear of the unknown is what holds us back. We can fear that in letting go of this person that someone else may never come along. So we resist and struggle with the release. Try to allow yourself to float into that space of nothing-ness - the void that comes between things in our lives. You will not fall like a skydiver without a parachute. You will be embraced by a cloud of comfort and love from the Universe, God or whatever you believe in. Allow yourself to be cleansed emotionally. Give yourself the tender loving care you deserve. If you have a hobby or special interest, then throw yourself into it. If friends are lacking in your life then try to take up something that will get you out and meeting other people. A book club, wine tasting class or event, etc. It may sound trite, but take care of yourself with a healthy diet, plenty of fresh water, and get some exercise each day as well to keep your 1st chakra balanced. Even if all you can handle is a walk out to the mailbox at first.



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